SURVIVAL LIFE EXCLUSIVE: An Interview with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy


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The “we’re all in this together” prepping mantra was definitely not lost on Doctor Joe Alton and his wife, Amy – better known as Doctor Bones and Nurse Amy. The two learned medical experts are on a mission to educate the masses in the hope that their words and guidance will help save lives after the SHTF.

Doctor Joe Alton is an M.D. and fellow of the American College of Surgeons and the American College of OB/GYN. His wife, Amy Alton, is an Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner.
Doctor Bones and Nurse Amy just released the third edition of their potentially life-saving best-selling book, The Survival Medicine Handbook.

survival medicine handook

The Survival Medicine Handbook has grown by several hundred pages and now includes some information which will most likely help readers survive active shooter situations and the rapidly growing number of possible pandemic diseases around the planet. And, it is written in plain English, so we can all understand the text and learn how to follow the mountain of survival medicine data contained inside.

When talking with Doc Bones about the release of the third edition of the book, the conversation was once again an enlightening one. Joe and Amy fully understand that medical preps are the most difficult aspect of living off grid or preparing for a disaster.



Learning how to shoot a gun, grow your own groceries, and raise livestock to prep for a TEOTWAWKI scenario all take time, effort, and money. But, these skills can be accomplished without many years spent in medical school – making the survival training advice in the Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy’s new book simply priceless information to possess.

“The third edition of the Survival Medicine Handbook is a major expansion,” Doctor Bones told Survival Life. “A lot has changed during the last three years, and we wanted to update the book, so the reader could better prepare to treat likely wounds and illnesses they may face.”

The active shooter portion of the book will likely be a favorite among readers, whether they have read the first two editions of The Survival Medicine Handbook or not.

The Orlando shooting merely highlighted the threat we all face on a daily basis from mass shooters now, before a TEOTWAWKI situation occurs. During a long-term disaster when society breaks down within weeks, perhaps even days, the likelihood of being faced with the barrel of a gun pointed in your face increases substantially.

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy

Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy

Doc Bones shared a multitude of information about dealing with mass casualty incidents in the active shooter section of the third edition of the bestseller. The new chapter also deals with, and strongly encourages, enhancing situational awareness skills. Readers will learn in greater detail how to treat both gun and knife wounds, and even changes to military procedures regarding how to stop bleeding when dealing with ballistic wounds.

“If you have been chosen to pick up the flag, your first assignment is to get some medical training. Some of it will be book learning, and some will be hands-on; the more you learn, the better your chances of acting quickly and effectively,” Doctor Bones and Nurse Amy advise readers. “In order to get a good start, you’ll have to study basic first aid and put together a library of medical information that you can refer to. Books on survival medicine/first aid, anatomy, and physiology will be useful. Anatomy is the blueprint of the body, and physiology is the operating manual. With a working knowledge of these two subjects, you’re in a better position to understand disease and injury. They’re essential for you to become a successful medic for your group.”

Some of the other medical preps discussed in the latest version of the book include items that can be used to stop bleeding, how to react if you are find yourself in the role of a medic under fire, and the myriad of infectious disease which are showing up more frequently across the globe right now.


Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy with their bleeding control kit.

“You don’t have to be a medical professional to get a lot of use out of this book,” Doctor Bones also told Survival Life. “The book also focuses on natural remedies. Many medical conditions could be aided by herbal remedies – the supply of conventional medications will quickly come in short supply during a long-term disaster.

Doc Bones and Nurse Amy also recently released a Zika virus handbook and an Ebola handbook to help others prepare for and prevent the spread of the evolving infectious diseases. The threat of Zika is far from over, according to Doctor Bones. As with Ebola, the virus can remain in a male’s body far longer than it can a woman. An infected man’s sperm can cause birth defects in a pregnant woman up to a year after the bit from an afflicted mosquito.

“Zika has now been found in 44 states, up from just 12 states a decade ago,” Dr. Alton said. “The mosquitos can live underground in the winter – now in places like New York, where they never could survive before.”

The good doctor also pointed out the expected 500,000 tourists for the Olympics in Brazil, which is basically ground zero for Zika, has the potential to cause an even larger spread of the virus. He questioned the wisdom of encouraging so many people to attend the epicenter of the outbreak, fearing an epidemic could stem from the infected tourists traveling back home after the festivities in Rio end.

Dr. Alton noted the ongoing exercise in futility being undertaken in Brazil to stop the Zika virus before the Olympics begin. Armed soldiers are currently going house to house and forcing residents to allow spraying inside their homes. The likelihood of the effort to succeed is nearly zero.

The medical preparedness skills you can learn from Doctor Bones and Nurse Amy do not end with the printed work. The enigmatic couple also shares health and safety information and medical prepping advice on their website, Doom and Bloom. They also create highly detailed and easy to follow videos on their companion YouTube channel, and share their own knowledge and that of other prepping experts on the Survival Medicine Hour podcast.


Joe and Amy are also popular presenters at preparedness events, such as the massive 3-day hands-on training offered at the annual Prepper Camp in the hills of North Carolina. On their American Survival radio show Doctor Bones and Nurse Amy discuss the pressing events of the day which can impact both our Constitutional rights and very existence – now and into the future.
The Alton’s took their prepping education goals old school last year when they created the Doom and Bloom Survival board game.

“It [Doom and Bloom Survival board game] takes place in a post-pandemic world where the survivors are few, and the dangers are many. Your mission is to have your character accumulate supplies like food, fuel, weapons, and medical supplies, as well as recruit followers. You’ll travel to scout locations that may serve as a haven in which to start over. There are tough decisions to be made along the way, and there are others that want to take what you have,” Doctor Bones and Nurse Amy shared.


Time spent watching, reading, or listening to Joe and Amy Alton will NEVER be time wasted. The tips you learn and knowledge you gain could very well save your life during a disaster!

SURVIVAL LIFE EXCLUSIVE An Interview with Dr. Bones and Nurse Amy

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