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Feature | Itzagascan Product Review | folding gas can

October 31, 2023 / Comments (19)


Have you heard of the Itzagascan? If you're worried about running out of gas or being unprepared in an emergency situation, the answer is here.

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Itzagascan | Is It A Reliable Fuel Container?

Emergency Fuel Container

If you have a vehicle and don’t have a spare fuel container in it, you are making a potentially dangerous mistake. Sometimes you run out of fuel or need to top off your tank when you're out in the boonies.

Smart preppers account for this and have a fuel container in their vehicles. Up until recently, your options were either large steel Jerry Cans or plastic fuel containers.

Both are large and take up valuable space, which meant less cargo capacity. This is where Itzagascan comes into play.

This emergency fuel tank takes up very little space and can carry a gallon of fuel when you need it. The name makes perfect sense and getting it is just common sense.

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The Concept

For almost thirty years, beverage companies have been shipping their syrup in cardboard boxes with a collapsible plastic bladder on the inside.

The customer would take the box, hook a tube into the bladder, attach the tube to a drink dispensing machine, pressurize the system, then easily dispense the product.

What is a bladder? It is a part of an equipment or object that is hollow, which allows for air or fluids to accumulate.

This type of container (called “Bag in a Box”) had a number of perks. It was lighter than traditional metal cylinders, disposable, and easier to transport since it was square.

Itzagascan uses the same concepts, except it's designed to carry one gallon of gasoline.

The Product

The Itzagascan comes shrink-wrapped and collapsed, meaning it takes up very little space. Since it's made from cardboard and plastic, it doesn’t weigh much either.

The Product | Itzagascan Product Review | emergency disposable gas can

It has instructions on the outside, along with all the requisite warnings about fuel. According to the manufacturer, you can use it for Gasoline, Diesel, and E85.

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To use it; take off the wrapping material, unfold the end tabs, and tape the tabs to the sides. Once the container is unpacked, it can be filled with fuel and used.

The only catch is that you can only use it once, meaning you need to throw it away after you fill your vehicle. In other words, this is a simple, disposable product that is for emergency use only.

Projected Costs

I purchased a six-pack from the manufacturer’s website for $49.99. I have also seen them in gas stations and some prepper shows. The list price for a single one is $9.99.

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I decided to try one of mine out to see how it works in real-world conditions. The shrink wrap is sturdy, so you'll need something to cut it with.

This shouldn’t be an issue for any prepper since you should always have a blade on you. However, an easy-tear strip of some sort might make this more useful for more normal civilians.

I unpacked the contents and assembled the container. It took no time, and the tape strips securely fastened the tabs to the side of the container.

Observations | Itzagascan Product Review | itzagascan emergency collapsible gas can

I decided to take the cap off and screw the spout onto the can, that way I wouldn’t have the spout rolling around in the trunk of my car. Next, I went to a gas station about a mile away to add fuel.

When I went to fill it, I took the spout off and began to pump gas into it. I only got about a liter of fuel in it, because I had it sitting on its bottom.

Since the spout is at an angle at the top, you don’t get much fuel that way. I sat it on its end (like the directions said…) and got about three liters of fuel in it.

Even though the nominal capacity is 1 US gallon (3.8L), the shape of the container along with modern fuel pumps makes this difficult to dispense. I put the spout back on and placed the unit back in the trunk of my car.

I got back home and opened the trunk. No fuel was spilled, so I was happy with it.

I opened the fuel door to my other car, unscrewed the top cap of the fuel spout, and began pouring. The entire contents of the Itzagascan was dispensed without any spills.

After, I put the top cap back on to prevent any vapors from escaping. I left the can outside by my trash can and threw it away later that week when the garbage man came.

It worked as intended and didn’t leave any mess for me to clean up.


  • Takes up very little space
  • Lightweight, so it isn’t a burden to carry
  • Surprisingly solid fuel spout and cap too


  • Actual capacity is between 2-3 liters of fuel

Rubber City Motoring shows a video review of the Itz A Gas Can:

I was pleasantly surprised by Itzagascan because it was well-made and easy to use. It takes up very little space in my vehicle, and I'm confident that it's reliable to use in a real emergency.

Anybody who has an automobile should have one of these things kept in their vehicle at all times. After all, it’s cheap insurance for the unexpected.

Overall Rating 8/10

Do you have an Itzagascan can of your own or plan on purchasing one for yourself? Let us know in the comments section below!

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19 Responses to :
Itzagascan Product Review

  1. Dave says:

    $10 for a one time use of less than a gallon? This doesn’t seem like money well spent at all. Under normal circumstances, only a fool would let themselves run out of gas. And in any kind of crisis you should have 5 gallon cans, cuz 3 liters won’t get you far enough to help. There are places all over the nation where that 20+ miles of gas won’t get you to the next station, nor back to the last one you passed. IMO, you should always look for a fill-up when your tank is still half full.

  2. Bryan says:

    For your gas hog vehicle, there is multiple solutions. First, an aftermarket extended tank; I have a Titan tank in my Dodge truck which holds 55 gallons of diesel, 45% more than the OEM tank. Second, there are aftermarket reserve tanks which can be mounted under the hood which hold up to 5 gallons which can be switched electronically from the comfort of the driver’s seat. Lastly, use the curious little gauge you illuded to in your video as an indicator as to when the gas is low. There are also other engine gauges there which might indicate the health of your engine and electrical system. Observation is key, training is mastery.

  3. M Grimm says:

    I agree. Old saying Chance favors the prepared mind.
    Make room in your planning for that Jerry can,
    I even keep a unused one for field water storage.
    Free your mind and your ass will follow

  4. Chuck Cochran says:

    A gimmick device at best. As a reviewer, I would have definitely put High Cost as a con. I agree with others too. A well prepared Prep Plan should include fuel and it’s storage.


    1 gallon is good for a compact, high-mileage vehicle only. I see the convenience, but I’d rather keep my jugs.

  6. Will says:

    10 dollars for product and 2.50 for a.gallon of gas and after use throw away to fill up more of landfill.Does not seem like deal to me,even in emergency.But a good prepper should be ready for such an emergency.

  7. MIO says:

    Good review

  8. Anonymous says:

    I agree with the above comments, just a gimmick. A one gallon reusable gas can from Walmart cost the same and doesn’t really take up any more space. Yes this comes folded but you cant really use it that way. Waste of time and money.

  9. Randy says:

    I work for a parts store and I’ll you now that’s a good price point for this. All the gas containers now with “safety” spouts cost much more than that even for the small ones.

  10. Jim McCue says:

    I saw no mention made in your review of the two statements printed on the side of the can:

    It is unlawful to store fuel in this container unattended.

    Filled Container must be in your possession until drained.

    Seems to make the circumstances quite limited in which it would be useful…

  11. Sampson Joe Night says:

    Mimicking the above “waste of $$” comments above, I wonder if this product could be used (with different labeling) as a water can for MULTIPLE use? My ’01 Ram 1500 4X4, gas hog takes a gallon just to start up in the morning! Living in Over-priced So. Calif, I’d rather have a real container that holds $10 worth of gas. (About 3 gal)

  12. Harry Burt says:

    There will still be a small amount of gas in he can after you empty it, this is hazardous waste and must be disposed of appropriately. In a SHTF situation this may not matter, but it isn’t legal put it in a landfill or leave it at the side of the road.

  13. Dolores Reynolds says:

    This would be handy to carry on my motorcycle, which has no gas gauge. Too bad it’s single use only.

  14. Randy Brown says:

    The only thing I see coming from this gascan is our roadsides & landfills accumulating hazardous waste from something that should never be allowed to hit the market to begin with because of the hazardous waste issues verses the slothfulness of most people Nowdays.
    I do agree with all who said YOU ALWAYS MAKE ROOM FOR YOUR FUEL….

  15. Anonymous says:

    It was mentioned that it is unlawful too leave fuel in the can unattended, so as far as it needing replacement 4 times a year is incorrect, however I do agree that the writer is a “wanna be survivalist expert”.

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