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John Wick guns, be it on that blockbuster film series or in real life, are built for the kill. These bad boys are definitely not just your average weapon.

For your reading pleasure, we picked five of his best shooters so far.

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5 John Wick Guns to Kill For

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Shotgun Police Tactical Isolated | John Wick Guns

1. KSG Tactical Shotgun

John Wick commandeered this gun from those Russian goons in the first movie. A bloodbath ensues as he unleashes the power of the KSG with brutal finesse.

This bad boy was introduced by Kel-Tec in 2011. It became an instant sensation among gun enthusiasts.

The KSG packs killer features that would leave you running for cover. First, there’s the bullpup design which makes it shorter than most tactical shotguns.

This provides extra capacity and stopping power. Its compact size also makes it more maneuverable and lightweight.

These features alone make it a solid home defense and tactical weapon. Among all John Wick guns, the KSG is no doubt the most suitable for fluid tactics and varied ranges.

2. TTI TR-1 Ultralight

In the universe of John Wick guns, we saw how our guy decimates thugs with this piece. To say that the TR-1 Ultralight is a competent rifle is an understatement.

A hybrid of advanced parts, the TR-1 is an apex AR-15 rifle. It combines a BCM stock, pistol, and handguard with a forward grip.

It is also mounted with state-of-the-art Trijicon LPVO and RMR red dot. These features make the TR-1 well-suited for all kinds of shooting scenarios.

Whether you are moving or standing, you can rely on this rifle to perform well. It’s a weapon even assassins would die for.

3. SIG P365

A game-changer in the world of concealed-carry firearms, the SIG P365 is a blast to use. Despite its small size, this gun the size of 9mm packs so much wallop.

It can carry ten rounds of 9mm ammunition. These are more than enough to put your enemy on the defensive.

A little trivia though. This firearm is the only one in this John Wick guns list that our protagonist never used.

It’s Halle Berry who actually wielded it in the movies. If you recall how she mows down 12 dudes in a snap with this gun, you’ll know why it is on our list.

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4. Benelli M4

When we talk of John Wick's guns list, the Benelli M4 is among the names that always emerge. This is for obvious reasons.

For one, the Benelli M4 is dubbed as the Navy Seals tactical shotgun of choice. It’s a devastating weapon that packs tons of 12-gauge stopping power.

You saw how the weapon was wielded with destructive grace in the movies. In the catacomb scenes, Wick exhausted the gas-operated shotgun’s full killing capacity.

If you are into John Wick guns, chances are, this one is your favorite. Good choice.

5. TTI STI 2011

Another Taran Tactical Innovations on this list! Why not?

For those who are in the know, this firearm company handles STI 2011. On John Wick 3: Parabellum, this was customized to devastating effect.

John uses the gun using 9mm Major which is a modified 9mm round. To reduce reloading time, he also favored huge 23-round magazines.

A souped-up version of a customized gun, the TTI STI 2011 is the gold standard of the John Wick guns. Literally, because it cost around several thousand dollars today.

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Top 5 John Wick Guns
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So, which among these John Wick guns is your favorite? It doesn’t matter though. All these weapons are badass or John wouldn’t use them.

What John Wick gun would you use in case of a Zombie Apocalypse?

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