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Pros and Cons | CZ Sharp-Tail | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews

July 7, 2018 / Comments (1)

Weekly Recap

1. Finding Your Norinco SKS Production Date

riffle hand Norinco SKS feature us
The most difficult SKS rifle to source the manufacturing date of would be those distributed by Chinese factories, also known as Norinco SKS. Majority of the SKS rifle production in Russian factories was during the 50’s and 60’s. When trade agreements and political alliances developed, Russia began overseeing the production of SKS rifles throughout China. Financing and managing these factories was the Russians’ job, but it was soon left to the Chinese. These days, Norinco SKS serial number lookup is available online… Click to read more

2. Modern Self Defense: .357 Sig

Modern Defense .357 sig Feature
The .357 Sig pistol cartridge is one of the most underestimated and undervalued self-defense cartridges ever invented. Shooters who truly understand its performance carry this round for every day carry (EDC) and vow to never go back to carrying anything else. There is a lot of confusion out there about it and where it came from. Is it like a .357 magnum? Or, is it like the .40? Truly, this cartridge is misunderstood. Let’s dispel some of the myth flying around the .357 Sig ammo self-defense round… Click to read more

3. Self-Defense Weapons: 11 Guns You Need For When SHTF

glock gun pistol handgun weapon Self Defense Weapons feature pb
Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to self-defense weapons, and different guns are better suited for different situations. The gun you choose for self-defense will be different from the one you keep for perimeter protection. Handguns are more convenient, can fit in a purse or waist holster, and are much easier to conceal… Click to read more

4. Speed Loading Tips | How to Use .223/5.56 Stripper Clips

Bullets speed loading Feature
Believe it or not, these speed loading tips using stripper clips can guarantee you more shooting time in range. Sounds interesting? A lot of people will say that stripper clips are pointless, a waste of time, or might as well just put them in the magazine. This is somewhat true, but what people don’t understand is they are supposed to load the stripper clips while they are home, sitting around doing nothing or maybe watching some TV shows… Click to read more

5. CZ Sharp-Tail | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews

close up photography of a man holding rifle cz sharp tail feature px
Elegant, classy, and affordable, the CZ Sharp-Tail could be the side-by-side shotgun for your everyday shooting pleasures. The CZ side-by-side shotgun is one of the sharpest shotguns in the market. This beauty has black chrome contrasts perfectly complemented with a walnut stock and fore-end. The lightness of the gun is enough to point quickly at the target. Its handling characteristics fit just right to any shooter using it. Scroll down to know more about CZ Sharp-Tail… Click to read more

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