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July 14, 2018 / Comments (3)

Weekly Recap

1. Best Low-Cost Pistol Options For Your Budget

handgun pistol firearms gun low cost pistol pb Feature
Need some advice in looking for a low-cost pistol that will fit your budget? These affordable handguns may not be very popular yet will still protect you from wrongdoers who can inflict harm or pose a threat to your family. One of the many things to consider when purchasing a firearm is the name and quality… Click to read more

2. A Comparison Of Firearms Legal Defense Companies

gun weapon wood pistol firearms legal defense pb FEATURE
Gun owners should have some knowledge about firearms legal defense program. You hear us talking about the defensive use of a gun, the best time to use your firearm in self-defense, the right way to use it, the kinds of guns you can carry, and so on. Believe it or not, if you ever have to use your gun to defend yourself, the part where you use your gun will likely be the easiest portion of the entire ordeal… Click to read more

3. [DEBUNKED] Dispelling The Mag Spring Myth

antique book bottle bullet mag spring myth feature px
Many people believe in what is called the “mag spring myth,” which states that keeping a magazine loaded can cause severe damage to the spring itself and cause misfeeds. There has been good evidence that this myth is purely just a myth. Here we debunk the magazine spring compression myth once and for all… Click to read more

4. How To Make Your Own Black Pipe Shotgun (Hypothetically)

black pipe shotgun FEATURE
Learning to make a black pipe shotgun creates a need in a survival situation or the dreaded SHTF! Beyond that, we must warn you though, of the dangers involved in homemade guns. Either by laws of man or the laws of nature, guns are powerful tools which entail a huge responsibility… Click to read more

5. Beretta Nano BU9 Pistol | Gun Carrier Handgun Review

Beretta Nano featured image 2
Beretta Nano is like a Volkswagen Beetle with Bugatti engines. A powerful, concealable pistol that functions flawlessly and one of the top-rated handguns today! I have been searching for a well-designed, low profile, powerful, and accurate concealed carry pistol ideal for self-defense. Then I finally found the Beretta Nano, a sub-compact, locked-breech, striker-fired, recoil-operated semi-automatic pistol chambered in 9mm… Click to read more

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