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Teepee Survival Shelter | 3 Survival Shelters You Can Quickly Craft From Tree Branches

July 28, 2018 / Comments (1)

Weekly Recap

1. Critical Wildfire Survival Tips To Keep You Safe [2018 Updated]

Tips To Keep You Safe Wildfire Survival Feature

Here’s everything you need to know about wildfire survival to keep you and your family safe!

In 2016 alone, there were over 65,575 wildfires in the United States. According to the National Interagency Fire Center, these fires destroyed over 5 million acres of land! Click to read more

2. My Bug Out Bag Has A Secret…

Survival Uses of Pantyhose Bug Out Bag Feature
That’s right, the secret weapon in my bug out bag is pantyhose. Er, maybe I should call them “man-tyhose.” But after you stop laughing you might want to read on to see just why I keep these in my bug out bag. You may just find yourself grabbing a few pairs afterward… Click to read more

3. 3 Survival Shelters You Can Quickly Craft From Tree Branches

Mountain Light Tree and Forest Survival Shelter us Feature
Your ability to create a survival shelter in a snap could be the difference between life and death in a real emergency. When you need a shelter fast, you’ve got to make do with what is around you. Some of the most awesome survival shelters in the world can be made using little more than a few tree branches and a bit of skill. Imagine you’re lost in the wild, alone, and it is getting darker and colder… Click to read more

4. How To Mark Trails Like A Pro

wood log walking hiking trekking mark trails pb FEATURE
Learning how to mark trails is not as difficult as you may think. With a few basic pointers, anyone can learn how to mark a trail in the woods and provide a reliable route for hikers for years to come. All you need is a hatchet, some paint, and a sense of care and genuine interest… Click to read more

5. Art of Concealment | How To Make A Camouflage Suit

airsoft player with Ghillie Suit camouflage feature getty
A perfect camouflage suit will let you seamlessly blend with your surroundings. Even though you can buy camo clothing and ghillie suits from supply stores, making your own will save you money and allow you to customize it. The primary role of ghillie suits is to disguise you and keep you hidden in plain sight… Click to read more

6. How To Treat Bee Stings

How to Treat Bee Stings Feature
It might not seem important right now but knowing how to treat bee stings may come handy one day. There is a misconception that when they start buzzing around a person, they are positioning themselves to attack. Not all bees sting, and many of them do not use this defense mechanism unless you provoke them. Nonetheless, there is no harm in being more careful since bee punctures are painful, uncomfortable, and sometimes deadly. Knowing some immediate bee sting remedies will be helpful in most situations… Click to read more

7. 43 Survival Food Items That Actually Taste Good

Items That Actually Taste Good Survival Food Feature
One of the most critical aspects of your survival plan is how you’re going to feed yourself and your loved ones during a crisis. It’s quite easy if you’re only staying at home because you can stockpile a bunch of food. But if you’re forced to evacuate to another location for whatever reason, things can get difficult. In this type of scenario, what would be your best choices for survival food? Click to read more

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8. Bug Out Bag Essentials | 30 Uses For Trash Bags

garbage bag waste Bug Out Bag pb Feature
Deciding how to spend available funds in a preparedness budget, especially for a bug out bag is not an easy task. Multi-use items and under $5 survival items are always a favorite of wallet-conscious preppers. Trash bags, even the brand-name sturdy ones definitely fall within the “reasonably priced” category, but when we look past the obvious uses for plastic bags, they become an even more advantageous contribution to our preps. These hacks and uses for trash bags will fix it as one of your top essentials in an ultimate bug out bag! Click to read more

9. Building A Bug Out Bag

For Greater Chances Of Survival Building A Bug Out Bag ss Feature
Planning to build a bug out bag? A 72-hour bug out bag or “Go Bag” is not just for end-of-the-world scenarios since it is also handy to have around in case of other emergencies. These can include power outages, car breakdowns, natural disasters, and other instances where you might be without services for a few days. Build the ultimate bug out bag by following these tips and tricks so you are well prepared when SHTF… Click to read more


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