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Shooting Stance and Determining Your Dominant Eye | AR-15 Basics: Shooting the AR-15

July 28, 2018 / Comments (0)

Weekly Recap

1. Gun Review: Charter Arms Off Duty .38 Special

Gun Review Charter Arms Off Duty 38 Special Feature
Why should you consider the Charter Arms Off Duty .38 special? For some gun carriers, the simplicity of a revolver is the best and only option for self-defense. Some people like to just point and shoot, without having to worry about such things as a safety, a slide, a magazine, feeding and ejecting problems… Click to read more

2. AR-15 Basics: Shooting the AR-15

In the first two parts of this AR-15 Basics series, we looked at the AR-15 history and its main components. Now, we will talk about shooting the AR and some tools you should have to maintain it properly. However, before we get into shooting the AR-15 rifle, let’s go over the basic rules for gun safety… Click to read more

3. Taurus Raging Judge Magnum Price New $1005, Price Used (See Below)

product details include taurus raging judge magnum Feature
The new Taurus Raging Judge Magnum is a 5-shot revolver produced and used for self-defense. Its manufacturer, Taurus International, produces it mainly for home and car security. Let’s take a closer look at its specifications in this gun model review post… Click to read more

4. Top Glock Mods To Consider For Glock Owners

Due to the popularity of these handguns, Glock mods are not something new to avoid gun folks. Moreover, most semi-automatic pistols require the same upgrade if the goal is to increase the effectiveness of your shooting… Click to read more

5. American Tactical FX45 1911 | Gun Carrier Handgun Review

Gun Carrier Handgun Review American Tactical FX45 1911 Feature
The American Tactical FX45 is a Philippine-made handgun that will never fail to satisfy an avid 1911 fanatic. It has the power and accuracy you look for in a 1911, but it is the affordability that separates this pistol from its counterparts. In this American Tactical 1911 review, you will know all about the American Tactical FX45 and find out if it matches what you need in a gun! Click to read more

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