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The Specs/Bersa Thunder 380 Review

June 2, 2018 / Comments (2)

Weekly Recap

1. Stupid People With Guns: How NOT to Handle a Firearm

youth weapon pistol stupid people with guns pb FEATURE
Guns are pretty dangerous when they are in the hands of uneducated people. The Internet has tons of proof of this claim, with thousands of videos online showing stupid people with guns accidentally shooting themselves or other people, sometimes with unfortunate results. The following is a clear example of how not to handle a firearm… Click to read more

2. 5 Top Selling Handguns Of August 2017

top selling handguns gun weapons army pb
Do you think your sidearm belongs on the list of top selling handguns? Most of us are pretty much aware of the importance of having a firearm. Owning one can be even better if we are confident our handguns have high quality and can surpass the performance of its counterparts. Find out if you’ve made a wise choice and if other gun enthusiasts think the same… Click to read more

3. Smith and Wesson’s M&P Shield 9mm Gun Review

MP Shield 9mm Gun Review Feature
In the right hands, Smith and Wesson’s M&P Shield 9mm is a top contender for the standard in compact 9mm. For most, simply shooting the Shield is going to result in carrying the Shield. When Smith & Wesson released the Shield in 9mm and .40SW in 2012, they were filling a gap few of us knew existed. Of all the factors that contributed to its success, it is most likely a combination of the market gap and the fact this gun carved out its own niche… Click to read more

4. Quality Time with the Bersa Thunder 380

gun metal barrel Bersa Thunder 380 px
The Bersa Thunder 380 is recommended for people who are new to guns or are looking for a small but dependable caliber. The concealable, lightweight Bersa Thunder 380 specs come with features that any gun owner would like to have in their concealed weapon. Read below to learn more about the specs, operability, shooting and ammunition, and some personal magazine recommendations… Click to read more


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