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October 9, 2023 / Comments (1)

Weekly Recap

1. Trap For Your Life (Part 1): The Squirrel Snare

Learning to create survival hunting traps such as a squirrel snare is a great survival skill to have. While thousands of people have been lost in the wilderness with no way of surviving, it’s essential to keep checking your available sources of food.

This is why we’re here to teach you how to make a squirrel snare trap and how to make it work. Check out this tutorial… Click to read more

2. 3 Easy Ways To Make Homemade Waterproof Matches

Waterproof matches are indeed an essential addition to your outdoor supplies. A bug out bag wouldn’t be complete without fire starter gear. Ordinary matches don’t mix well with wet conditions and being in the outdoors.

forest on stump located boxes hunting waterproof matches feature ss

You can slip and fall into a puddle, getting your backpack wet. Your tackle box can be knocked into the water by a big fish you reeled in… Click to read more

3. The Ultimate Guide To Using Knives For Self Defense

What do you think about using knives for self-defense? There are a lot of talks these days about the importance of not only being able to use a knife offensively but also having the ability to defend against the blade.

Even many of the traditional martial arts are implementing an edged weapon component to their curriculum… Click to read more

4. 7 Survival Uses Of Pine Resin

Growing up in the piney woods of East Texas, I have become well accustomed to the scent of pine resin.

When we would camp out for weeks at a time, my uncle would always hike out into the area of pine forests surrounding our campsite to find good and solid pine trees to pull some sap from so we could get a fire going the “old fashion” way, but I never realized how many other uses there were for pine resin… Click to read more

5. How to Remove a Splinter

If you’re busy with outdoor and indoor activities or you spend most of your time in the woods, knowing how to remove a splinter can be very helpful for you.

women removing splinter wood needles babys how to remove a splinter feature ss

You’ll never know what will happen so being equipped with this knowledge will save you from trouble. Wood splinters, glass splinters, name it– these can be hard and painful to remove. Click to read more

6. 12 Survival Smartphone Apps | Preparedness

smartphone apps featured image
In this day and age, it is said there are smartphone apps for solving just about any problem you may encounter. Just download, install, and you have the essential apps to survive the unexpected… Click to read more

7. 10 Martial Law Survival Tactics You Need to Know Now

Martial law is a terrifying thing to experience. Imagine waking up to find the world in chaos. Looting and riots spread like wildfire, while law enforcement guns down civilians in the streets.

police army commando special task force martial law featurepx

The power grid is down, and there’s no telling if it’s ever coming back. Rape and murder spiral out of control as society collapses around you. Everything you’ve come to rely on is gone due to martial law… Click to read more

8. Tactical Pen Roundup: The 7 Best Tactical Pens for Your Dollar

A tactical pen is one of the best self-defense tools you can have with you. They’re small and discreet, but they pack quite a punch when you’re up against an attacker… Click to read more

9. Survival Life’s Comprehensive Checklist For A 72 Hour Survival Kit

box color emergency 72 hour survival kit px FEATURE
When adversity strikes, being armed with a survival kit could literally mean the difference between life and death. A true and devoted survivalist or prepper is resilient in the face of challenges. Each and every family should be equipped with a 72 hour survival kit… Click to read more

10. Proven DIY Home Security Tips to Protect Your Family

Will your security system work in a world without a grid? Home defense tactics are a huge concern when looking at SHTF scenarios and the kind of home security you need.

cctv cameras install DIY home security pb FEATURE

If you’re one of those rare homes prepared for an emergency, the sad truth is you’re now a target, and you need something in place to keep you, your family, and your stockpile safe…

What have you done this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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