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June 30, 2023 / Comments (2)

Weekly Recap

1. 5 Tactical Tips To Maneuver Like An Elite Operator

Tactical Tips To Maneuver Like An Elite Operator Feature
Movement and biomechanics are what separate an elite operator from the rest. Aside from that, you need to put in countless hours of training and mental fortitude to be considered one. This post will help you become just that, enabling your firearms to become an extension of your body as opposed to just being another tool in your hands… Click to read more

2. 10 Top Reasons To Keep A Pocket Knife In Your EDC

There are many places where carrying a pocket knife can get you into some serious trouble. Confiscation, fines, and even jail time are all repercussions of breaking the law. Many of these laws are written in convoluted ways, keeping us confused and vulnerable.

knife tree bark knife feature us

Not only do we have to worry about laws changing from state to state, but even the county that you choose to carry it may have completely different laws than the previous county that you were just in. But there are still many legit reasons to consider adding a pocket knife to your everyday carry (EDC)… Click to read more

3. EMP Effects On People | Electromagnetic Pulse

human skeleton human body anatomy emp feature pb
Have you ever wondered what the real effects of an EMP would be? You’re likely already familiar with its effects on electrical components (power grid failure and so on), but what effect does an it actually have on people? Click to read more

4. Benefits of Dandelions | More Reason To Love The Survival “Weed”

You’d be surprised to know the benefits of dandelions, despite them being categorized as a mere weed. Aside from their decorative purposes, they could actually be a source of sustenance. You can, for example, make tea out of dandelion leaves!

Read on for surprising reasons why you should love dandelions more − and be on the lookout for them in a survival situation… Click to read more

5. Spider Bite? Here’s How to Treat It

Spider bites can be deadly and painful. It’s important to be able to recognize spider bite symptoms quickly after they appear and to prepared to treat them. Starting spider bite treatment immediatebly can make all the difference.

By learning how to recognize spider bites and reading a little advice you can be way ahead in the event you get bit… Click to read more

6. 83 Uses for Paracord That Will Surprise You

There are plenty of uses for paracord–and in this post, we have listed 83 of them! If you are wondering what a paracord is for to begin with, you’re in the right place to start learning. Paracord survival bracelets are essential to every prepper's kit, especially when there is a need to improvise gear and weapons.

paracord in hand uses for paracord ss FEATURE

But of course, there are also creative uses for paracord. Check out our list and learn a ton of paracord hacks! Click to read more

7. 9 Survival Foods That Will Outlast The Apocalypse

MREs, freeze-dried, dehydrated food, and other types of survival food have a “maximum shelf life of 25 years.”

box cola dose floor box ground survival food feature pb 1

However, there are a few survival foods you can pick up at the local grocery store today that won’t cost you an arm and a leg while being shelf-stable… Click to read more

8. Plastic Bottles | Uses That Can Save Your Life

Plastic bottles are some of the most versatile resources you can have in a survival scenario. I have been on dozens of survival challenges, and have yet to complete one without finding at least one plastic bottle.

assorted plastic bottles plastic bottles Feature px

In this article, we will cover ways you can use these plastic bottles to survive in the wilderness… Click to read more

9. Cooking On The Move; Do You Consider Yourself A Campfire Chef?

I’m a big fan of meals prepared over an open fire. The smell of food sizzling over scorching wood is more than enough to get my mouth watering. The actual taste of the food brings a certain feeling of nostalgia that is difficult to replace.

two men sitting in hammock waiting for food Campfire chef Feature us

After all, the campfire was our ancestors’ first kitchen; which may have something to do with it. In addition to that nostalgia, comes a smokey taste and texture which is hard to replicate anywhere, but outdoors as a campfire chef… Click to read more

What have you done this week? Let us know in the comments below.

What have you done this week? Let us know in the comments below.

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