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The IZH-12's gunstock, forestock, shotgun rib, and safety bolt were upgraded and added a few new features. The upgraded model is indexed as IZH-27 and is known today as the Kalashnikov USA MP-27.

Kalashnikov USA MP-27: The Classic Hunting Weapon

The Kalashnikov USA MP-27's predecessor (IZH-12) was upgraded in 1973. This beauty is known as the first shotgun with shafts that are vertically aligned. Hunters from the USSR widely recognize and use this gun.

The dependability of the MP-27 was perfected to give the shooter both high reliability and good balance. MP-27 is considered a classical hunting weapon. Learn more about this beauty as you scroll on.

Gun Info

The MP-27 has various models to provide wide choices to choose from. The MP-27EM-1C gives the best value in sporting clay action. The notable upgrades made to its predecessor include changes in its gunstock and fore-stock.

Gun Info | Kalashnikov USA MP-27 | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews

Image via Rostec

Additionally, the shotgun rib was changed to be a ventilated one. They also added interceptors to the safety bolts and installed an ejector. The frame at Gunstock was changed, and they installed a rubber recoil pad on its buttocks.

Gun Specs

  • Gauge: 12, 20, .410
  • Stocks: Walnut
  • Barrel: 26″, 28″
  • Weight: 7.84 lbs
Gun Specs | Kalashnikov USA MP-27 | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews

Image via zamboz33

  • Features: Over/under
  • Sights: Bead front
  • Capacity: 2-shot
  • Finish: blue, nickel

Ease of Use and Performance

The dependability of this gun was perfected, ensuring it has good reliability and good balance. This beauty lived up to the earlier models, retaining the virtues its ancestors built.

Ease of Use and Performance | Kalashnikov USA MP-27 | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews

Image via Weapon Test

Very comfortable to use, the Kalashnikov USA MP-27 also has a great shot pattern. In addition, this shotgun has a spacious trigger-guard bow and I was able to shoot with gloves on without experiencing any inconvenience.

Pros and Cons


  • A good point of balance
  • Comfortable to use
  • Firm butt-pad, making recoil manageable
  • Great shot pattern
  • Spacious trigger-guard bow
Pros and Cons | Kalashnikov USA MP-27 | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews

Image via MacNab.eu


  • A little heavy to use for sporting clay

Overall Verdict and Price

The brand new Kalashnikov USA MP-27 is priced at $600 and around $350 to $450 for the already-used ones.

Overall Verdict and Price | Kalashnikov USA MP-27 | Gun Carrier Shotgun Reviews

Image via zamboz33

For a very modest price, this beauty is practically a steal! With its superb features, you'll have a reliable shotgun without being broken.

Watch some skeet shooting using the Kalashnikov USA MP-27 in this short video:

The Kalashnikov USA MP-27 is a good choice of gun to be considered. MP-27 is famous among hunters and with the upgrade it has compared to its predecessors, it's not really surprising. I really enjoyed trying out one in the field and would definitely love to use it again in the future.

Do you own a Kalashnikov USA MP-27? What features do you love most about this shotgun? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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Editor’s Note – This post was originally published in September 2015 and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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