Keen Hiking Boots Review – Check Out The Keen Marshall Boots

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November 6, 2019 / Comments Off on Keen Hiking Boots Review – Check Out The Keen Marshall Boots

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If you're looking for good hiking boots, there's countless to choose from due to the growing popularity of hiking and backpacking.  Like any other commodity, some footwear stand above the rest in terms of comfort, durability, and price tag.  The Keen hiking boots is one of the best in the market.  It's a favorite among a lot of outdoor enthusiasts including myself.

Keen Hiking Boots Review – Check Out The Keen Marshall Boots

I have four pairs of hiking shoes and my Keen hiking boots is my favorite.  I probably wore them in the most rough and rugged terrain and all this time it feels like I couldn't possibly wear them out.  Big plans are up ahead for me next year in the great Machu Picchu and I can't wait to test these shoes.  It provides great ankle support which I think is the most defining characteristic of a hiking boot considering how frustrating it is when you injure your ankle in the trail.  These are absolutely terrific shoes made by Keen and you'll probably have them for a lifetime if you decide to invest in a pair.

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Here's to more details about how amazing the Keen Marshall Boots are:

Waterproof Material

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The waterproof material is a product known as Keen dry.  This aids the Keen Marshall as an all-weather hiking footwear that you can use in the rain and snow.  Your feet will stay totally dry even in the wet seasons.

EVA Insole

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EVA stands for Ethylene-vinyl acetate which is a material great for absorbing the impact as you walk with your Keen hiking boots.  It keeps your feet comfortable in all types of terrain.

Weight and Height

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The Keen Marshall boots are 4 1/2 inches tall with the heel at 1 inch.  The weight is roughly 3 lbs each which is not really super lightweight and is somewhat expected for hiking boots.  The durability is exactly what you need for your foot's overall protection and to keep the boots going in the whole duration of the trail.

It is much important for your footwear to stay intact especially when you're out in the trail.  Imagine being in a situation wherein the outer sole of your shoe goes off in the middle of a two-day hike.  Wouldn't that be a complete mess of the whole hiking thing?  So don't give any second thoughts investing in the best hiking footwear.

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