VIDEO: Knife Draw Against a Knife Attack

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What are some items you must have before leaving your house?
Is a knife a part of the check off list?
A knife attack can happen to anyone at any time. Carrying a knife can help to defend off attackers, but most importantly will you know how to draw your knife accurately if you ever need to?  In this video coach Jeremy will show your how.

Episode 16: Knife Draw Against a Knife Attack

Learn these vital self-defense and offense techniques by watching the latest episode of our new defense training series.
This is Coach Jeremy Pollack from Inner Warrior Coaching. Watch how he masterfully teaches you about proper knife draw against a knife attack.


As always, the full self-defense course series of ‘Don’t Be a Victim’ can be FOUND HERE.

2 Responses to :
VIDEO: Knife Draw Against a Knife Attack

  1. william C says:

    Problem is, the knife Jeremy is using is illegal to carry in many states.

  2. jgreystoke says:

    A real problem is the knife is an overpriced penknife, which requires fine muscle control to deploy. You know, the stuff that goes out the window during adrenaline dump. Even a cheap fixed blade is much stronger, faster, and as a huge benefit…….. fumble free. Of course, in reality we are not talking about dueling at all, unlike all the martial arts crap. Controlling the other guys knife is bollocks unless you are injuring him. Running away, grabbing a chair/stool/plant stand/similar if available, and driving him back(think lion tamer, not the rubbish you see in the westerns) allows you to kick him to the ground and then finish him off, without ever bothering to go for his knife. Even better would be to run to create space, then draw your gun and stop pissing around. And for exactly the same reason, you wouldn’t shoot for the knife:). Check out Fairbairn, Sykes, Applegate, who trained people to “kill or be killed” in WWII. Fairbairn called it “the gentle art of murder”.

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