Knife Making Tutorials for Survivalists

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In the world of preppers and survivalists, knife making is a necessary skill.

The importance of having a knife is not up for debate. It's also important that you know how to make one in case SHTF in case, in spite your greatest efforts to keep your fully equipped bug out bag or kit as close to your person as possible, luck isn't on your side. There is always a chance you could lose your bug out bag, leaving you without many tools or weapons.

Knife Making Tutorials for Survivalists

Just like you, I'm not sure what would happen when the world will come to an end or how and when a natural disaster would take place. But I know this much: the best tool is still your very own body, along with the important survival skills you have learned so far. So as early as possible, you should learn all the survival skills that will help you stay alive and ensure or at least increase your chance of living through the ordeal.

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Top 5 Knife Making Tutorials

Hopefully you will never find yourself in a survival situation, but if you do you should always be prepared and use what you have on hand to create the survival tools you’ll need.  One of the best tools to have for emergency preparedness is a survival knife. If you forget your knife, lose it or it breaks, don’t panic yet! 

We have compiled a list of the best knife making tutorials so you can remain prepared and make your own knife. The best part is, all the knife making supplies are materials you can easily source in a survival situation.  Whether you’re living in a survival scenario or just want to learn a new hobby, knife making is a useful skill to learn. Here are our top 5 picks for best knife making tutorials.

1.  Homemade Knife from a Stone

One of the best knife making supplies that’s readily available in a survival situation is stone. Learn to make your own knife from this easily sourced material in the knife making tutorial video below.

2. Homemade Knife from a Saw Blade

If you’re on a homestead, you should have a saw blade in your toolshed. Watch the video below this photo to learn how to make your own knife from this tool.

3. Homemade Knife from Pry Bar

This particular survival knife is a good choice to make if you are bugging out in your car (assuming of course that you keep a pry bar in your vehicle). My grandfather always kept one in his truck and I’ve kept one in mine since. It’s come in handy more than once. Watch the pry bar knife-making tutorial video below and learn how to make one yourself.

4. Homemade Spoon Knife from an Old Car Spring

There are always mechanical odds and ends around our homestead (thanks to Emmett) so this is his next project to try with all his old gadgets. Make your own homemade knife by following along with the video below.

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Owning a knife is important, but knife-making skills may be even more so. When things go wrong and you lose your weapon, it would not be a problem as you already know how to make one from scratch. Whereas when you don't have any knife-making skills and you lose your knife, there is a slim chance that you will survive.

Knife-making is as rewarding as it is comforting. It can take a lot of time and a lot of work, but when you finish the project, you will realize that it is worth every minute of forging or sharpening and every drop of sweat. There is a sense of pride and accomplishment that makes the new knife even more valuable. Your first knife is a symbol of a skill newly mastered and you will be able to use this ability for the rest of your life.

Have you tried making your own knife? Tell us about the experience in the comments below.

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7 Responses to :
Knife Making Tutorials for Survivalists

  1. obsidian says:

    As a young boy of sixteen I worked for a cabinet company and needed a knife to open boxes. The old hand I worked with whipped out an old piece of banding steel, sharpened it on a piece of sandpaper wrapped tape around one end and inside five minutes I had a good sharp serviceable knife.
    I learned something that day.

  2. Doug G. says:

    I have to split lighter pine (fat pine)and I have used knives like the old hickory butcher knives that break if you get them into a piece that is twisted. I took an old lawn mower blade (30″ snapper blade” and cut it in half and then trimmed down the old worn out cutting edge and then hollow ground the thing. can’t break it at all!! you can take a brand new blade and do the same thing to it. it will be red in color but you can make the tip any way that you want whether it be square cut, rounded or katana tip–your choice. since this stuff is spring steel and hard to drill it really doesn’t need tempering. when it comes to the handle you make sure your drill bits are very sharp and use drill oil so that you can cut deer antler in half and mount it up as a handle OR you can wrap rope around it using a half hitch and tuck the end firmly under the end of it. the knife will be very heavy but it will do what most of these others claim to without breaking and would be fairly easy to put an edge back on it if you accidentally hit something that would ding the edge. I dare say that it would easily chop thru heavy bone with very little problems. can’t beat it for about 20.00 and a little work!! I use a 4″ grinder with cutting disks for my cuts and put on a grinding disk to sharpen the thing up. in about 2 hours you have your own hand made knife!

    1. Doug G. says:

      oh, just make sure it is one of the flat blades cause the one that has the two side lips won’t work. all it will do is flip on you when you try to use it. also make sure it has the single hole in the middle of the blade since you can cut that out or cut around it to make the katana tip. if I get around to making two knives I will make one single edge flat nose and the other double edge round bottom pointed tip.

  3. Thanks for the info, as a new knife-maker I am always on the hunt for tips and advice.

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