[Watch This] One Trick To Knife Sharpening You Did Not Know

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September 19, 2019 / Comments (1)

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Sick and tired of sharpening your knife for many times at several hours of stroking through the whetstone? Well, it's time for you to learn how to properly sharpen your hunting knife, or even your survival knife in the most efficient manner. Let this method surprise you with how sharp your knife could get with just a simple trick. Read on to know how!

[Watch This] One Trick To Knife Sharpening You Did Not Know

Learn The Knife Sharpening Hack To Save Time And Effort

Learn the trick to sharpening your knives with this video tutorial by Ultimate Survival Tips as they show us that the way we've been sharpening our knives was wrong all along. Different knives mean different ways to stroke it through the whetstone and it varies from kitchen knives, hunting knives, to survival knives.


Kitchen knives have thinner edges compared to hunting knives or thick and heavy survival knives. Thus, the angle to which the blade of the knife touches the stone should be different. And of course, we can't precisely estimate the correct angle to which we want the blade to be positioned. So we use a piece of wood, cut to the exact angle that we need and perfectly stroke the knife against the whetstone with a little pressure.


Kitchen knives have thinner blades and so they need a narrower 16-degree angle for sharpening. However, for hunting and survival knives, they have thicker edges and thus, should be sharpened at 20 and 23-degrees respectively.


The piece of wood used was cut using a power saw, angled exactly to 20-degrees to accurately angle the knife being sharpened. It's good to cut several angled wedges and mark them with the angle to which they're cut out so next time you want to sharpen your knives, you won't have to use that heavy power saw again.

With these easy cheats, you'll be surprised at how consistently sharp your knives would be. There's nothing more frustrating than trying to cut something with a dull knife. But having a sharp knife means a lot more danger so be careful when handling or storing your knives. So what are you waiting for? Start sharpening your knives now!

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