Sex Sells Gun Control In Movie

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot … Over?
Imagine if you will, a world so obsessed about the destruction of freedom and the Constitution of this fine land, that a group of women are willing to go to great lengths in order to deprive their men of sex unless they get rid of their beloved guns. I shoot you not, that is the plot of a soon to be released movie. Sounds absolutely ridiculous.
But, I suppose the anti-gunners are willing to do whatever they can to reach any audience who will listen to them. Without further delay, here is the idiotic trailer:

Okay, so let's tackle just a few of the issues I can see just from watching the trailer and reading a review of the movie. If there is one thing we've learned here at Gun Carrier, it's that there are a lot of lady gun owners out there in the USA. And, as we've seen, the number of them grows all the time. In this regard, women gun owners everywhere should be pissed off that such a movie was made.
Taking it a step further, there are likely just as many anti-gun men as there are women. Just like there are as many pro-gun women, as there are men.
Perhaps even more alarming, are the pink words showing up in between scenes. They state that the point of the movie is to take aim at America's obsession—the gun industry—and firearms owners across the country. Well, at least white male gun owners. Ya know, because never has there ever been a legal black or Latino gun owner before (sarcasm).
In case you missed the pink words, here is a set of them:
anti gun

Some of the words depicting what it's all about

In all reality, several of my personal friends—people whom I call “brother” or “sister” are gun owners of a different race or sex than my own. And, I don't know if you've picked up on it, but two of Gun Carrier's contributors are female, and one of them isn't “white.” That's how it is all over the country.
As usual, the leftists position themselves as pro-women and pro-race, when in reality all they do is show their true colors by passively saying women can't handle guns and people of other backgrounds aren't legal gun owners. Of course, they'll never come out and look us in the eyes when they say it. Instead, we need to read between the lines.
While it's true that we don't know exactly how the movie ends, we can take some cues form someone who has actually seen the movie. I glanced around the internet to find out what a few critics said, just because I wanted to see how the movie ended. Here is a direct quote from The Movie Guys:

The men retaliate in several amusing ways, but it’s the women who seem to have the last laugh even when the NRA attempts to get involved once the town makes headlines.

Being that they seem to take aim at men, guns, and even the NRA which is America's largest pro-gun organization, I'd say that this movie is overtly anti-gun. Personally, I don't care to see it even if it's funniest movie of the year.
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Sex Sells Gun Control In Movie

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    Dating only pro-gun women!!!!

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