KRISS USA Releases Vector GEN 2 In 10MM

kriss vector gen 2

Every so often, we receive alerts and press releases about new products hitting the shelves. Usually, the new offerings are boring, or are a release of something that's already been done countless times before. KRISS USA isn't like other companies, and their firearms, if you hadn't noticed, aren't like anything else out there. Also, the 10mm self-defense cartridge is powerful, and a great option for many different applications.
In fact, I suspect that this will up the ante in many different niches within the firearms community. This cartridge is sufficient for hunting, and this combo will be great for home-defense (especially in SBR form). I can bet it'd also be a load of fun at the range. Furthermore, I think this platform is actually conducive to shooting such a powerhouse round like the 10mm. A lot of people cannot handle the recoil it produces, but if this gun is used the right way, recoil will likely be negligible. The following paragraphs contain the press release I was sent, please let us know what you think about this new pistol in the comments below.

KRISS Vector gen 2

Photo: Kriss USA

KRISS USA, an innovative designer and manufacturer of small arms, has begun delivery of the first KRISS Vector firearms chambered in 10mm to authorized resellers and distributors. Available models include the Vector SDP pistol, Vector SDP-SB pistol with stabilizing brace, Vector SBR short barreled rifle, and Vector CRB carbine; the Vector SMG submachine gun, is available to law enforcement and military.
The KRISS Vector in 10mm greatly expands the weapon system’s versatility. The Vector is now a viable option for hunting, in addition to being more rounded for personal defense and competition shooting, thanks to the wide variety of projectile weights and the high velocity nature of the 10mm cartridge. Additionally, the patented KRISS Super V System is a perfect fit for the 10mm auto as it channels the powerful energy of the cartridge to reduce muzzle rise and keep the shooter on target.
kriss vector gen 2

Photo: Kriss USA

Offering and Pricing
  • The KRISS Vector SDP, featuring a QD sling swivel at the rear and a 5.5″ threaded barrel, starting $1,369.00 MSRP
  • The KRISS Vector SDP-SB, featuring the SB-Tactical stabilizing brace and 5.5″ threaded barrel, starting $1,519.00 MSRP
  • The KRISS Vector SBR, featuring a six position adjustable stock and 5.5″ threaded barrel, starting $1,569.00 MSRP
  • The KRISS Vector CRB, featuring a six position adjustable stock and 16″ barrel, starting $1,519.00 MSRP
  • The KRISS Vector SMG, featuring a side folding stock and 5.5″ threaded barrel. Law eforcement and military inquiries for the KRISS Vector SMG can be made by contacting KRISS USA.

The KRISS Vector 10mm is fed by a 15 round capacity, Glock® G20 magazine. Compliant models for California, New Jersey, and Connecticut are available with 10 round G20 magazines. Cerekote color variations for select models are also available in Flat Dark Earth, OD Green, Combat Grey, and Alpine White.
For more information about KRISS Vector GEN II 10mm, visit

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KRISS USA Releases Vector GEN 2 In 10MM

  1. Richard Duelm says:

    Awesome looking
    But way overpriced

  2. Randy says:

    Too steep for me. nice, though.

  3. Your chat team member area was very helpful and has done a wonderful job. Very pleased with your employees

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