Study Finds Legionnaire's Disease Bacteria in Water Taps

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According to a study conducted by the Environmental Protection agency, almost half of the water faucets sampled across the country have tested positive for the bacteria which causes Legionnaire’s disease, a severe pneumonia-like illness which, in extreme cases, can be deadly. Read more about the study here.
Though the sample of 67 faucets tested in this study is relatively small, the staggering percentage of taps which tested positive for the bacteria is enough to make one more than a little nervous.
Below we’ve complied some information about this disease, it’s symptoms, treatment, and how to avoid it all together.
Read on and keep you family healthy and legionnaire’s disease-free!

What You Need To Know

Legionnaire’s Disease Infographic

Legionnaires’ disease: Infographic…

Legionnaire’s Disease Symptoms


Infection, Symptoms, Treatment


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How To Stop Legionnaire’s

Find the study here. 

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Study Finds Legionnaire's Disease Bacteria in Water Taps

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