ATF Stabilizing Braces | ATF’s War on Pistol Braces 101

January 17, 2022 Click Here To See The Comments US Attorney General Merrick Garland signed the controversial ATF stabilizing braces ruling last June 2021. Here's a breakdown of everything you need to know...

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January 17, 2022 / Comments (0)

Democrats Use Boulder Shooting Tragedy to Push Gun Control Agenda

March 23, 2021 Click Here To See The Comments On Tuesday, President Joe Biden appealed to Congress to approve new gun control legislation. This comes after the mass shooting in Boulder, Colorado this week...

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March 23, 2021 / Comments (62)

5 Steps To Restore Your Gun Rights In Washington State

March 20, 2021 Click Here To See The Comments Your right to possess a gun in Washington State will be suspended if you have a conviction for a felony crime. A conviction for a misdemeanor involving...

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March 20, 2021 / Comments (1)

House Passes 2 Gun Bills That Expand Background Checks

March 12, 2021 Click Here To See The Comments Last Thursday, the House passed a pair of gun bills aimed to expand and strengthen background checks for gun buyers. In order to do so, House Democrats went...

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March 12, 2021 / Comments (74)

What Biden’s Gun Safety Plan Means For YOU

November 3, 2020 Click Here To See The Comments Election day has come. Do you worry about the Second Amendment or your gun rights? Let's see what Biden's gun safety plan is about before we blow this out of...

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November 3, 2020 / Comments (26)

Albuquerque New Anti-Gun Bills Explained

October 1, 2020 Click Here To See The Comments There are three new Albuquerque gun bills passed recently. What do these gun bills say? Let's dive deeper into these new bills below. Albuquerque Gun Bills:...

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October 1, 2020 / Comments (1)

Why You Should Have A Concealed Carry Permit

August 9, 2020 Click Here To See The Comments Let’s break down exactly why you should have a concealed carry permit and why you should trust your instincts on this matter. The Importance of Having...

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August 9, 2020 / Comments (28)

How To Keep The Family Safe While Traveling

July 8, 2020 Click Here To See The Comments We all deserve a great summer vacation. But with everything that's going on, how can you keep the family safe while traveling? We've got some helpful tips...

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July 8, 2020 / Comments (3)

Nashville Liquor Store Owner Shoots Suspected Shoplifter

June 25, 2020 Click Here To See The Comments In Nashville, a liquor store owner shoots a suspected shoplifter and was arrested. Was it self-defense or aggravated assault? Read more about the story below!...

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June 25, 2020 / Comments (23)

What Is A Strawman Purchase And Why Is It Illegal?

June 1, 2020 Click Here To See The Comments Gun purchasing dialogue these days is filled with terminology that’s often misused. One particular phrase you might’ve heard recently is...

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June 1, 2020 / Comments (9)


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