I Don’t Lock Up My Pistol at Night – Do You?

October 16, 2013 / Comments (3)



I own many guns. They’re all locked up. All except the one gun that’s on my hip. None of the guns in my safe are loaded – not that I find a problem with people locking up loaded guns. I simply don’t. I unload them all first and only put them back clean. But your self defense gun is just that: it’s for self defense. How are you going to be able to protect yourself if you lock up every single gun you own?  That’s why . . .

I carry all the time. All the time…well, OK, no. That’s a lie. I sleep and shower and I don’t shower with my gun (hello, rust) nor do I sleep with it on. During a shower, it goes on top of my medicine cabinet. It’s far enough out of reach that even if one of my kids unlock the bathroom door and get on the toilet, neither can reach the gun.

This is when I’m most vulnerable and when my EDC is the farthest from my hands. It’s also why I don’t take my time showering. I get in, get clean, get out, get dry, get armed.

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I Don’t Lock Up My Pistol at Night – Do You?

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