Long Island DA Bans Prosecutors From Owning Handguns

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In a move that almost sounds like fiction, the District attorney in Long Island has banned prosecutors from owning guns, even in their own homes! 

Prosecutors Banned From Owning Handguns

District Attorney from Long Island Bans Prosecutors From Carrying Guns. Here’s why.

In an unbelievable move, the office of the Long Island District Attorney has banned prosecutors from having handguns at home UNLESS they have a special exemption. You’ve got to hear the whole story. Click the link below to watch the news segment of the whole story.

I’m not arguing they should have extra rights beyond what everyone else has; I’m arguing they should have the same rights. – Eugene Volokh, UCLA School of Law Professor

Long Island DA Bans Prosecutors From Owning Handguns. Read the full story HERE

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Long Island DA Bans Prosecutors From Owning Handguns

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