Let’s Go Longbow Hunting: A Look At The Bear Montana Longbow

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August 13, 2019 / Comments Off on Let’s Go Longbow Hunting: A Look At The Bear Montana Longbow

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Longbow hunting might not be an optimal choice for some, but I love the challenge of handling one. Despite lacking the facilities that a compound bow could offer, the longbow is light, sleek, and portable. In addition, you'll need real skills to shoot a longbow accurately. If you're one of those hunters that choose longbows over rifles or compound bows, take a look at the Bear Montana Longbow. You'll find great things about this awesome bow in this review!

Let's Go Longbow Hunting: A Look At The Bear Montana Longbow

If longbow hunting is your sport, you gotta check out the Bear Montana Longbow. Not only does it have the right amount of draw weight, it is crazy fast and accurate as well! Watch the review and check how enticing the Bear Montana Longbow is! For the benefit of added credibility, I also have the Bear Montana right at home.

To watch MerlinArchery‘s full review on the Bear Montana Longbow, click on the play button below – or click [here]!

The Bear Montana might just be the perfect bow for longbow hunting. The materials used on this awesome longbow is very high quality and it performs great on the range. So check out all the nice things this bow has to offer!

Bear Montana Longbow Material

The riser is made from Dymondwood with limbs ornamented with the white maple and black fiberglass combination. The Montana Longbow is skilfully handcrafted by the best craftsmen and is definitely beautiful. Montana's design came from one of Bear's longtime bow designers Grant Neil Byce II. Furthermore, the bow has beautifully slender tips and handle that has the arrow sitting idly waiting to fly off.

The Limbs

Normally, traditional longbow strings wear out the wooden limb part of the bow, making it susceptible to losing grip and tension. The Bear Montana Longbow's limb is coated with white maple and with a black fiber glass face. This makes it more durable and less susceptible to wear and tear, especially for very active longbow hunting activities.

The leather grip

The leather grip is probably the most impressive part of the Bear Montana. The smooth finish of the grip allows for the arrows to simply fly through without getting their speed affected. The best part here is that you get to listen to that satisfying THWIP! sound after firing an arrow. This is all thanks to their leather grip. Did I mention that the grip fits like a glove when you hold it?

Montana's Performance On The Range

I love the longbow's performance, it appears to be quicker than what you'd expect. Arrows just come flying out of the shooter's hands like a zap. In addition, drawing the bow is very smooth and the leather handle sits perfectly on your hand.

The Bear Montana is your traditional long bow that's priced like a stock bow. This is cheap compared to the other brands with the price tag of custom bows.  Although this bow is a bit shorter than most flat bows, it can compete with others performance-wise. I'd take this bow on a hunting trip any day of the week! If you have ideas, tell us through the comments!

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