How To Make A DIY Flamethrower

DIY Backpack Flamethrower

This particular handmade flamethrower is crafted to fit in a normal backpack, which keeps your hands and arms free to throw flames while you use it!
With an air compressor, a diesel nozzle, a fuel tank, some hose, and some fittings, you’ll have a flamethrower capable of running off of tiki torch fuel.
Here we have the step by step instructions, but you can find the full video instructions at the bottom of this post.
Watch until the end for an awesome demo!
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DIY Backpack Flamethrower Tutorial


Step One: Air Compressor

DIY Backpack Flamethrower
Start with an air compressor. You’ll want to remove the regulator, and fill in the space left behind with a brass plug.

Step Two: Tap Hole

Tap a hole in the bottom of the compressor to add fittings.

Step Three: Set Fitting

DIY Backpack Flamethrower
Your fittings should look like this with the correct valves.

Step Four: Run Hose From Valve

Run a hose from the valve and fit the end with an internal check valve.

Step Five: Connect Valve to Diesel

DIY Backpack Flamethrower
Connect the internal check valve to a diesel nozzle.

Step Six: Remove Spout and Add Pipe For Fuel

Remove the spout and add a pipe running down to a tip and hose as pictured. The tip and hose will run the fuel for your flame.

Step Seven: Tap Hose To Tank

DIY Backpack Flamethrower
Run a hose with a nozzle to a fuel tank tapped with a valve and fitting like this. Fill up your tank with tiki torch fuel! Add valve along the hose to better regulate your fuel.

Step Eight: Adjust and Test

DIY Backpack Flamethrower
Spark up and start throwing flames! You can adjust with the nozzles on the hose. The whole rigging will fit neatly into a backpack.
Watch This DIY Flamethrower Video:

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How To Make A DIY Flamethrower



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How To Make A DIY Flamethrower

  1. JL brown Jr says:

    I wish ever6one would put the parts list on the page, trying to watch the video to get the parts list for those of us that can’t hardly hear.
    If someone has a list I would appericate it

  2. Donald Sammis says:

    Incredibaly crude. The concept is valid, but most DIY guys would make a much neater and safe and reliable package with more suitable hardware. Granted you have to use what you got, but this Rube Goldberg collection is pretty crude

  3. Michael Gilfilian says:

    looks like an easy way to have some fun then have a meeting with the ATF and a federal prosecuter, but I suppose if you say you’re related to the Clintons it shouldn’t be a problem

    1. ham_bone says:

      Dumb butt, Flamer throwers dont fall under ATF ruling, and are legal in all states except California and Maryland.

  4. No bushcraft says:

    Am I the only one that noticed that the hodgepodge of random parts in the the step-by-step is totally different than the clean very polished version in the video? Especially when in the beginning of the post it says, “Here we have the step by step instructions, but you can find the full video instructions at the bottom of this post.” which the video is NOTHING like the step by step. It uses a pressure washer hose/gun, and a scuba tank not a plugged air compressor tank and some random fittings. Just my 2c

  5. Could you make one of these with a garden sprayer?

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