How To Make A DIY Saw Blade Slinger

DIY Saw Blade Slinger

With these instructions, you'll learn how to make a Saw Blade Slinger.

How to Make a Saw Blade Slinger

As you can probably tell already, this is a very unique weapon.

The name leaves little to the imagination when it comes to what this thing is made to do- sling saw blades.

Almost completely made with a couple of pieces of wood, this slinger is inexpensive to make if you have the right equipment.

Though this might not be the most conventional weapon, it's a fun DIY with a badass end product.

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Full instruction video at the bottom.

Step One:

DIY Saw Blade Slinger
Start with two 5 x 24 x 1/2 inch boards.

Step Two:

Draw your design for your blade slinger leaving one inch at the bottom of the board.

Step Three:

DIY Saw Blade Slinger
Cut the pattern out with a jigsaw.

Step Four:

DIY Saw Blade Slinger
Trace out the pattern on the second board and cut out with a jigsaw.

Step Five:

Place one of the board on a thinner piece of board.

Step Six:

Cut out traced spacer from thinner board. Place on the bracket piece.

Step Seven:

DIY Saw Blade Slinger
Draw a dot on the bracket, half way down the curve.

Step Eight:

DIY Saw Blade Slinger
Use a 1/2 inch drill bit to make a hole over dot.

Step Nine:

DIY Saw Blade Slinger
Place magnet in the hole and affix with epoxy glue.

Step Ten:

Stack up parts, bracket, spacer, bracket.

Step Eleven:

DIY Saw Blade Slinger
Clamp stacked parts together to secure. Drill four holes along length of the handle and blade.

Step Twelve:

DIY Saw Blade Slinger
Secure nuts, bolts, and washers in the holes.

Step Thirteen:

Finish off the weapon however you see fit. You can round off the handle, paint, and wrap in paracord for a more finished look.

Instructional Video

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How To Make A DIY Saw Blade Slinger

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