Man Shoots A Woman In Theater And Flees The Scene

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February 13, 2023 / Comments (2)

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A high, drunk man shoots a woman in a movie theater, then flees the scene citing he accidentally did so. Read on for more on this news.

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High, Drunk Man Shoots a Woman in Theater

Man Shoots Woman: A Classic Idiots with Guns Case?

A man brings a gun to the theater to prevent a mass shooting, drops a weapon, shoots an innocent woman, and flees the scene.

Oh, and he was high on anxiety pills and drank some beer. There is so much wrong in this story. It isn't even funny. I really don't even know where to start.

I guess the best place to start would be in the beginning, and no—I'm not talking about Genesis in the Bible. First, he brought the weapon to the theater to prevent a mass shooting. I can get behind this.

What a Responsible Gun Carrier Would Do

Personally, I carry a gun just about everywhere I go to including the theater. I don't just carry, though.

I have 64 rounds of ammunition with me. Why? Because of zombies. And, more realistically, ISIS and other crackheads.

So, I get it. But, I guess the difference is I don't do drugs or drink beforehand.

man carrying a gun behind his pants | Man Shoots A Woman In Theater And Flees The Scene | Man Shoots A Woman

Moving on from the common sense which says: “Don't do drugs and carry guns,” how did his weapon fall to the ground? Was it tucked into his pants as the BBC article implies, or was he using a holster?

Was the gun made by Taurus, pre-recall?

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What We Can Learn From This

Let this be a lesson, folks: Always make sure you pay attention to your gun and holster when you're putting it in its resting place. Otherwise, something as stupid as this could happen.

In fact, check out this other article written by yours truly over at when I was on their staff that shows you how to re-holster your weapon. Then, the poor lady, who is just trying to watch a good movie, gets shot.

Thankfully, the BBC article reports she's recovering from the shoulder injury. But still. Can you imagine going to a movie and getting shot by a dude trying to prevent a mass shooting?

Sort of ironic.

Final Thoughts

Finally, the coward flees the scene. Granted, he was probably scared (and high. And drunk). No matter the excuse, he shouldn't have left the scene of the crime.

Interested in active shooter situations? Check out this first-person narrative fiction story I wrote as a training exercise that takes place in a movie theater.

How about we lighten things up more and check out this hilarious Chris Rock video from bassanio1989 on his take on the gun debate which sort of, makes sense:

He will likely be charged with a few different things, and prevented from carrying a concealed gun, ever again. Clearly, he doesn't know how to handle a firearm anyway, so I'm good with it.

The source article did say he was released on bail under the condition he gives his firearms to a family member and promises to not do any more drugs.

What is your take on this? Should he be charged and should he be let out on bail? Should his guns be given back to him? Let us know in the comments section below.

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Man Shoots A Woman In Theater And Flees The Scene

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