Manix 2 Lightweight Review | Spyderco’s Answer to the Future of EDC

Manix 2 Lightweight

Manix 2 Lightweight Review

Many of us have wandered through our favorite outdoor shops ogling over Spyderco knives for years. Not only are they high-functioning knives with a reputation for high quality, they are also works of art. For many knife lovers, the sheer prices of many of these knives are enough to deter us from paying upwards of $200 for a Spyderco.

Spyderco now has an answer for a high value and high quality EDC option in a lightweight package: The Manix 2 Lightweight. I purchased my Manix 2 Lightweight in translucent blue from Amazon for a street price of $70. When I got the knife in hand I was immediately astonished at the beauty and functionality of this knife.
At only 2.8 ounces, this knife holds its lightweight name to be true. This blade is light enough to disappear when carrying it in a pocket thanks to the fiberglass reinforced co-polymer handle (FRCP). Not only that, its 2.88 inch blade is beefy enough to excel at any EDC task you put it through. The knife is 4.66 inches closed and 0.125 inches in thickness. The Manix 2 Lightweight boast impressive CTS-BD1 steel that combines edge retention, ease of sharpening, and near total rust resistance.

For those not familiar with BD1 steel, it has very similar traits to VG-10. In my testing and carrying of this knife, the edge held razor sharp for long periods of abuse and took an edge back with a quick hone or strop. The steel also has a larger 14mm deployment hole allowing easy deployment even with gloves on.
The Manix 2 features Spyderco’s ball bearing lock. This lock works by using a spring loaded ball to push between the blade tang and lock bar. The ball shape allows the lock to self-adjust across the surface making it a consistent and smooth lock-up every time.

I found this to be an incredible lock-up that never failed on me once even through rough abuse of this knife (yes I did baton with it one time, no problems there!). Although it is not recommended to baton with it, it’s always nice to know it’s capable in a survival situation. This lock is more than adequate for EDC purposes.
This knife makes for a perfect EDC option or back up woods blade. Not only is the Manix a formidable slicer when it comes to cardboard and food prep, it is also a great wood crafter. This knife is fully capable at carving, feather sticks, and making tent pegs. My favorite part about this knife is after you use it in the woods, you can throw it back in your pocket virtually maintenance free and continue using it for every day chores and tasks.

If you are in the market for a ruggedly beefy and fine-tuned tool, look no further than the Manix 2 Lightweight. It combines a tough blade in a lightweight package allowing for precision cutting and ease of maintenance. This knife and its materials are the future of EDC and will serve the test of time while become a favorite of many knife lovers.
Manix 2 Hard Use Test

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on March 28, 2014, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

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Manix 2 Lightweight Review | Spyderco’s Answer to the Future of EDC

  1. Jeff says:

    The Manix 2 by Spyderco seems great (in the article), but after watching Mike Spaeth’s YouTube video, it lost my respect…. I paid about the same for a KERSHAW, yet its’ blade is a bit longer! It weighs more, but it’s all top quality metal(s)!! They have a patented “torsion” technology, “SpeedSafe” opening system….so there aren’t any ball bearings to open or lock it with!!! I believe the clip can be reverse mounted & their knives ARE completely made in the USA!!!! I don’t know about Spyderco’s warranty, but Kershaw totally stands behind their knives! I’d love to see Mr.Spaeth put a similar Kershaw to the test…..that’d be most interesting~

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