How To Thoroughly Clean A Marlin 336 30 30 Rifle

How To Thoroughly Clean A Marlin 336 30 30 Rifle

The Marlin 336 30 30 rifle is a rifle of age but has stood the test of time but remains as a reliable hunting tool that does its job and does it well. To those of you who own a Marlin 30-30 or any gun for that matter, you know that keeping it in top shape requires proper maintenance and cleaning. Hunters alike will find this guide helpful in cleaning their rifle as thoroughly as possible.

How To Thoroughly Clean A Marlin 336 30 30 Rifle

My father was a fan of the Marlin 336 30-30 rifle, and despite its age, the rifle performed like it was fresh off the shop. To keep tradition, I bought a 336 30-30 rifle for myself and kept it in top shape, just like my father taught me. If you’re like one of many hunters who own a 30-30, then this is what you need to do to clean your rifle thoroughly.

The Proper Marlin 336 Lever-Action Rifle Cleaning And Maintenance Process

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Hit the play button below or watch the video here on cleaning a Marlin .336 30 30 Lever-Action Rifle by Willwood487!

To thoroughly clean 30 30 rifles, you need the necessary equipment like flat-head screwdrivers, cleaning rods, and some lubricants and patches for the bore. You can buy these items at a store or if you're a little low on budget, just make your own gun cleaning kit!

Safety First

Safety First | How To Thoroughly Clean A Marlin 336 30 30 Rifle

Before you start everything, make sure that there is no ammunition inside the receiver or the barrel and the gun is pointing to a safe direction. It can be done by cocking the lever once or twice so the bullets will eject from the barrel.

Remove The Lever On The 30 30 Rifle

Remove The Lever On The 30 30 Rifle | How To Thoroughly Clean A Marlin 336 30 30 Rifle

The next step is to remove the lever by taking out the screw with a flat-head screwdriver right above the trigger guard.

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Any firearm that performs well even when the age of it sets in justifies the effort and care put into maintaining and cleaning it.  It is shown that proper care and cleaning definitely increases a rifle's overall life span and keeps it performing in tip-top shape! Taking good care of your rifles like the Marlin 30-30 will allow to perform with the accuracy and consistency as if it was brand new!

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Have you tried using the Marlin 3360 30 30 rifle before? How was your experience? Share them in the comments below!

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