Marlin 336 Review: Is This A Worthy Add To Your Collection?

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Some people rave about it, some people like something else better. To love or not to love the Marlin 336 is your choice. But before you make one, check out this review and see if it's worth getting.

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Marlin 336 | A Quick And Insightful Review

The Marlin 336

The Marlin 336 is a classic rifle made by Marlin Firearms, who've manufactured the weapon since 1948. It's one of the most popular firearms in the history of the United States. Only the Winchester Model 94 has been more popular over time.

The 336 is traditionally chambered in .30-30 Winchester, and it’s been used over time mostly for hunting and general target practice.

The rifle has been popular for its performance, accuracy, accessibility, and variety; variations of this rifle have been produced with lots of different wood and material types, including stainless steel, maple hardwood, and walnut-finished hardwood.


Marlin 336 rifles are lighter and easier to handle than many comparable Winchester models, like the Winchester 94. This makes it great for larger and smaller folks alike since its recoil is quite controllable.

All in all, it only weighs about 7 pounds give or take several ounces, depending on loaded ammunition.


The rifle comes with a straight stock or pistol grip stock depending on your preference. Pistol-grip stocks are extra comfortable and may be safer than the alternative if you are a beginner or are more used to that kind of grip.

close macro hunter rifle gun detail | marlin 336 review

Either way, the variety it offers is another solid advantage.

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Lever Action and Side Eject

As a lever-action rifle, the Marlin 336 fires and needs to be recharged with a lever located at the bottom of the grip with your shooting fingers. This lever motion is typically quite smooth and easy to operate.

You’ll also appreciate that it is made with a side ejection system. In a nutshell, it spits outspent brass from the side of the weapon rather than the top.

This eliminates the possibility that superhot brass will ever fall on your hands or hit you in the face. It also stops contaminants from entering the receiver (like debris, microscopic gunpowder, etc.).

The cartridge goes out to the side and can even be easily recovered once it has cooled down if you are a hobbyist reloader and want to save your own brass.


One final big plus side to the Marlin 336 is its average price. Compared to its main rival the Winchester 94, this rifle can be found at $500 or lower compared to the $1000 or so range that the 94 usually occupies.

This makes the Marlin 336 an excellent choice if you want a budget but dependable rifle you can use to hunt small- to medium-sized games or for target shooting.

Why Pick Up a Marlin 336?

We’d recommend considering the Marlin 336 for the same reason that it became popular in the first place—it can put meat in the freezer!

Alright, so that was actually a slogan used by Marlin back in the 50s, but the principle is still true today.

hunters catch hare duck pheasant hand | marlin 336 tactical

As a versatile and capable lever-action rifle, the Marlin 336 can be used to hunt for your family if supermarkets ever were to truly close down and you need to scavenge a bit while COVID-19 runs its course.

Additionally, the Marlin 336 is an easy enough rifle to learn to use effectively, making it a solid home defense weapon, particularly if you need to occasionally patrol your property or defend your things from looters.

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Watch this video by Brownells, Inc. on how to step-by-step disassemble, clean, lubricate, and reassemble the Marlin 336 Lever Action:

Hopefully, things will get better across the nation soon. But in the event that they don’t, you could do far worse with a Marlin 336 for home defense and general hunting.

Even once COVID-19 wraps up, we’d still recommend picking one of these babies up and giving it a spin; they’re fun, functional, and affordable!

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What do you think of the Marlin 336? Let us know in the comments section below!

Marlin 336 Review

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Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on April 13, 2020, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.

12 Responses to :
Marlin 336 Review: Is This A Worthy Add To Your Collection?

  1. Robert Wamsley says:

    I Have a 336 chambered in 45-70. Beautiful stainless rifle but it’s a lemon. When I first got it I put a few rounds through it and loved it. Took it on a bear hunt to Washington and the lever jammed. Took it to a gunsmith when I got home and he claimed it was fixed. Put it in my safe until next time. Once again I broke it out in Washington for a bull elk hunt in the timber and guess what. It jammed again. Contacted Marlin and they had me ship it to Mann and Sons for repair. Mann and sons repaired it and sent it back. Guess what? Still jams. If I chamber a round and just put one extra round in the tube it’s mostly functional but two rounds in the tube and the lever still jams open…..

  2. Larry Ariza says:

    I like gun but can’t buy shells for it.

    1. Robert Baker says:

      Can’t buy a lot of ammo for anything right now. And when you do it will cost you.

      1. Ken says:

        Robert learn to reload yourself! It is really alot of enjoyment in doing so, brass, reloading press comes as a kit, primers, and powder is alot more inexpensive than you would think! Less expensive than factory ammo! You can make your ammo, also purchase a reloading book, has all the info you need to reload! Enjoy!

  3. Don Cioeta says:

    Looks good. Must do some further comparisons.

  4. Robert Baker says:

    I bought my marlin back in 1986, I’ve probably ran about 150 rounds thru it. It shoots excellent, I’ve added some over and under scope sight rings. I’ve had no problems with this at all. This rifle is awesome , this is the first rifle I’ve ever bought I’m not disappointed. The plus is I got this for like 250.00, can’t touch that price now. I’ll never get rid of it. It’s very accurate, I also own the stainless steel marlin 22 long, another nice rifle.

  5. JL McClure says:

    I’ve been a Marlin fan all my life. Been hunting with one 45 years and I’ll always have one or as many as I can accumulate to hand down to my sons. They love marlins as much as I do.

  6. Theo Ely says:

    great gun, I’m afraid that it does not matter without ammo. might as well be a football bat!

  7. Larry Duke says:

    I got one in1970 my senior year in high school it’s a 35 cal. I killed slot of deer with it gave it to my son he killed deer with it then my grandson killed deer with it he has put up waiting for my great grandson the gun is 51years old an never had a problem

  8. Ron Saams says:

    Had 1 Loved it until my 146 lb puppy decided tojump on the table while cleaning it

  9. Julio Tubig says:

    Bought a 336 in .35 cal. in 2019, for my collection. Have’nt shot it yet.

  10. Anonymous says:

    My Marlon 30-30 is a MOD. “336CS” Love my gun shots great have killed deer up to 220 yds easy use Winchester, Remington, Federal all shot good I like Hornby it is the fastest bullet. Have had it 20 yrs and its not going anywhere.

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