The McNett Tactical Utility Knife

mcnett tactical utility knife

A Great Multipurpose Survival Knife

The McNett Tactical Utility Knife features a reliable quick release Kydex sheath that can mount to virtually any piece of equipment not limited to boots, belts, and MOLLE systems. The McNett Tactical Utility Knife also fully dissembles for easy cleaning of the blade involving a simple soap and water solution as well as for oiling the blade in order to prevent corrosion. All that is needed for disassembly is a flathead screwdriver in order to remove the four pins located on both sides of the blade handle.

The McNett Tactical Utility Knife also features a butt end glass breaker in case of an emergency situation such as a flooding vehicle. It also includes a special divot in the blade to act as a ‘seatbelt cutter’ in case the seatbelt locks after an automotive accident. The McNett Tactical Utility Knife is available in two primary colors: Black and Coyote Tan.

EDC (Every Day Carry)

Pocket knives are common as part of an individual’s EDC (Every Day Carry).  Fortunately, however, the McNett Tactical Utility Knife ensures easy accessibility by mounting directly to the belt via the hook located on the Kydex sheath. Whether you're right handed or left handed, the Kydex sheath mounts comfortably and securely right behind the sidearm or directly behind the waist.

If you're looking to conceal the McNett Tactical Utility Knife while also maintaining comfort and security, the Kydex sheath can be mounted directly to your boot without interfering with lace straps, fabric, or leather. No matter the size or style of the pant leg, including tactical pants and even jeans, the pant leg easily slips over the McNett Tactical Utility Knife, ensuring concealment. The knife maintains comfort regardless if worn on the inside or outside of the leg while attached to the boot.

Tactical Load Out

The McNett Tactical Utility Knife is also designed for tactical purposes and works as an excellent tool while out in the field. The Kydex sheath can be mounted virtually anywhere and is an excellent aid for law enforcement, military, and civilians. The Kydex sheath can be mounted within arm’s reach if mounted to a plate carrier or chest rig as well as even a combat belt if the user is utilizing minimal gear.

If you're carrying additional gear such as a backpack, the McNett Tactical Utility Knife can be easily secured to the backpack and available when needed. Backpacks that include MOLLE webbing will have even more real estate available for mounting the McNett Tactical Utility Knife.

If you're hunting or fishing, the McNett Tactical Utility Knife works great for its ease of access, security, reliability, and of course the blade design for the purposes of scaling or skinning game. In a survival situation, such as being lost in the woods, the McNett Tactical Utility Knife works great as a tool to provide shelter, warmth, and of course food. And in an emergency situation, this knife can help to free a trapped person from a vehicle, especially due to its ease of access if worn on the belt, waist band, or even boot.

Be sure to check out McNett Tactical Utility Knives online at their website as well as on social media for frequent updates and information regarding products and designs. McNett Tactical Utility Knives are assembled in the United States and are available nationwide at various retailers or online markets.

Want to learn more about the McNett Tactical Utility Knife? Check out the video below!

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