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Here I sit in my below-ground office at 2200 hours. It's dark out, here in Pennsylvania and as I sit here and type this out to you, I'm carrying a small revolver. I wanted to take a second to point some things out to you that you may have never considered before. I've already covered in a different blog post that I home carry. This time, I wanted to give you the methods to my madness.
This is just my perspective, and isn't meant to make you want to change anything you're already doing. But first, let me explain why I home carry. A few years back, I found out I lived next to a protected gang-snitch. The word we received from neighbors “in the know” is that the gang he was affiliated with found out and was looking for him.
Sadly, we shared a wall with his family and were fearful that bullets could start flying at any second. Our main concern, was that since we shared a duplex, they might kick in the wrong door. I needed to be able to shoot back and protect my young family.

Since that time, I made a conscious decision to carry a concealed gun with me everywhere I go—unless prohibited by law. If you weren't sure, Pennsylvania has some of the most lax gun laws in the country, as far as where you can take a gun, but that's not the topic of this article.
Right now, I sit here with a 5-shot snub-nosed .38 Spc revolver tucked inside an Urban Carry holster (with a review to follow on both of those to come). I have to say that for home carry, this is one of the most comfortable decisions I've ever made. I could carry a host of other guns, in an even bigger host of holsters. But this is my setup because it is almost non-existent.
To me, that is key for home carry. Personally speaking, when I'm playing with my kids, working at a desk in an uncomfortable chair, sitting down to eat at the dinner table, or any of the other stuff I do at home, the last thing I want is for my gun to get in the way—causing me to get angry at it and take it off.

Truth be told, I'm never more than 15 feet away from a gun capable of doing more damage to a perp than the revolver is. The challenge I face, is actually getting to one of those guns, especially since most of them are locked up. The snub's main goal in life is to get me to the next, and more powerful, gun.
Things change when I walk out my front door, however. The gun of the day is usually whatever I'm testing for the month (after it has had at least 200 malfunction-free rounds through it) or a Springfield Armory XD9 full size. Depending upon my setup, I'll carry an extra magazine or three. If it's three magazines it's because I'm feeling like the zombies are about to start biting and I'll need a grand total of 65 rounds of ammo (16 rounds per magazine X 4 magazines + one in the pipe).

That's a lot of lead, but I can't be too safe with all of those brain-dead crazies running around sucking the life out of us hard-working folks. (No, I don't believe in zombies, read between the lines!)
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My Method Of Home Gun Carrying

  1. Joshua Gillem says:

    Thanks for the comment. I’ve long since moved away from that place. When I lived there, I carried a Springfield XD with 16 in the mag and one in the pipe.

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