[Video] The Most Bad Ass Bullets On Earth?

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December 7, 2022 / Comments (20)

Do It Yourself

Have you ever wondered what happens when you fill normal, everyday ammo with highly reactive liquid metal?

(Me either… but this guy did, and the results are spectacular!)

These have to be the most bad ass bullets known to man…WARNING: Don't Try This At Home

These might not be the most effective or useful bullets but, man, are they impressive to watch!

From The Video Creator:

For this video, I bought 150g of potassium for $325 , and 500g of sodium for $150. Each bullet holds 1g of metal. I also had to buy regular .45 hollow point ammo to modify ~.50c/bullet. At these prices, each potassium bullet costs $2.50 Each sodium bullet cost .80c. The liquid alloy is 25% sodium, 75% potassium.

These bullets must be stored under dried and degassed solvent, blanketed in a dry, and inert atmosphere. Storing the bullets in regular oil or other hydrocarbon based solvent will quickly destroy the entire bullet and casing in less than a week. Common oils and solvents are slightly permeable to oxygen and moisture, which will react with the alkali metals to form corrosive hydroxides which will etch the zinc in the brass casing. Oil will enter the casing and inactivate the smokeless powder. After 1 week, 1/10 of the bullets stored under oil did not fire.

What do you think about these? Would you fire a few rounds off if you got the chance? Let me know in the comments below.

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20 Responses to :
[Video] The Most Bad Ass Bullets On Earth?

  1. Alan says:

    Ok, 10 for a cool science experiment, but for survival?!?!
    Zip, zilch, Nada.

    1. tangascootac says:

      I agree, Alan. Besides being extremely expensive (the potassium & sodium) and tedious to fabricate (those materials require considerable care in both storage & handling), only an individual with a great deal of experience with two very reactive/volatile metals should even consider this; to me, the “survival” challenge would be to avoid possibly serious injury during the assembly process.

      1. holtonfb says:

        yeah on the sodium….very unstable, don’t get near water…as for Rich, I have training with really nasty haz-mat stuff that makes the sodium/potassium rounds bad but not the badest..

    2. holtonfb says:

      Don’t let an ISIS lone wolf pick up on this..with an MP5 with a 60 round compressed clip it would be devastating in a crowded place and against local LEOs”’

      1. Rich says:

        AND YOU ARE A PUSSY. ISIS.This moron needs to get a life. Shitheads like you keep him pumping. Are you from Conn.?

  2. Bird says:

    You wouldn’t have to shot anyone…. the FIRE coming out of the gun would scare the crap out of most bad guys! Cool experiment!

    1. Dave says:

      In Vietnam (Mekong Delta) some River Rats got rid of a sniper across the river by filling a 55 gallon drum with fuel and planting a flare in the liquid. The wired a Claymore to the bottom. The next time the sniper fired, they set it off. The flare ignited the fuel blown out of the barrel. The word was the flame reached halfway across the river. In any case, the sniper never appeared again. Unfortunately, it was a single use weapon which made it quite costly.
      The method presented here would not be usable in combat, or even by gangs, due to the amount of precautions necessary to issue it out, carry it, and use it. Might as well use cyanide or warfarin (rat poison which makes rats bleed to death because the blood will not coagulate).
      I find it strange that this forum, which I feel certain is monitored, would even post this. Too many idiots would try to replicate it, and the anti-gun mobsters would seek to prosecute the actor and/or the forum.

      1. Bird says:

        It’s called ‘freedom of speech’…. enjoy it every day you can.

  3. mark says:

    He should try Hg (mercury) in those hollow points! They would turn that brick into dust.

    1. DG says:

      But isn’t mercury liquid at room temperature??

      1. tangascootac says:

        Yes, it is.

      2. worried for future says:

        Yes, but I believe he seals the open end with hot melt glue so the Hg would stay in place.
        The mass of the Hg would definitely add to the total weight of the slug.

    2. Alupara says:

      Use it once and throw your gun away! Mercury is so corrosive the barrel and inner workings are ruined after one use. John Hinckley used a .22 “Devastator” mercury tipped bullet in his assassination attempt against Ronald Reagan.

  4. Eagle says:

    Put some Thermite in the bulletts with potassium and sodium. OR Glycerin

  5. r.foley says:

    This guy is an asshole. A ripper bullet will do 10 times the damage. This moron needs to work on his lawnmower more. Who is the jerk who posted this .

  6. K. L. Jamison says:

    Exploding bullets are illegal under federal law.

  7. Wyatt says:

    Where are this idiot’s shooting/safety glasses? Hold it…..I just answered my own question.

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