Discussion About Movie Guns & Props

Discussion About Movie Guns Props

April 20, 2021 / Comments (1)


The Bunny has put Chris Wood with Leviathan Group in our basket for this episode. We are talking movie guns and props with Chris.

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Movie Guns & Props

Leviathan has provided Hollywood’s biggest blockbusters with the arsenals that made them millions like John Wick, Captain America & Winter Soldier, The Fast and Furious, The Walking Dead and numerous others. Chris and Lefty also take care of some Jackwagons and honor some Heroes. Plus we get a little lesson on when it is appropriate to fly the American Flag at half staff or mast.

Leviathan Group bridged the gap between firearms/tactical/outdoor companies and your favorite entertainment outlets. From Movies and TV shows to Video Games and Social Media. Power Without Equal. Leviathan Defense Marketing Group was formed to deliver unsurpassed knowledge and innovation to companies in the defense, firearms, and outdoor industries.

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