My New Concealed Carry Holster is Better Than Yours

Brave Response holster

January 11, 2016 / Comments (1)

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Most gun carriers find it difficult to conceal a full sized weapon, forcing them to opt for a smaller, less effective gun. I don't. I've always leaned towards a holster that offered good concealment that was also affordable. Let's face it, the last thing you want is for your concealed carry holster to show your weapon to at an inopportune time.
Let me be totally honest with you about something: I always carry a full-size weapon. I don't care if it's 107 degrees outside, or if I'm shoveling snow—I will not settle for a weapon with a lower ammo count that also just happens to be too small to fit into my hand properly.
Brave Response holster
In fact, the only time I ever ran into any problems, is when I went to the gym.
Thankfully, I've found a holster that even allows me to comfortably carry at the gym, and while I'm doing just about any activity. And I've done something that I never thought I'd do: I've replaced my tried and true old holster with this new one called the Brave Response Holster that was sent to me from the manufacturer.
At first, I have to admit that it was uncomfortable. However, I realized after about one week of wearing it what the problem was: The Velcro material used to latch the holster is wider than the waistband itself, and it was itching my skin.
But, after some trimming and making sure that the holster was positioned correctly with another piece of fabric underneath it (AKA my underwear) (is that TMI?) I realized that not only can it be totally comfortable, it is also very versatile.

brave response holster

Deep concealment

What do I mean? Well, I have the ability to carry a full-sized Springfield XD in a deeply concealed manner simply based on where I position the holster. In other words, I have the ability to set how far out of the waistband the gun's grip sits.
Brave Response Holster

How I usually where it.

If I'm at the gym and don't want anyone to see it (like if I'm doing some kind of crazy workout where my shirt lifts up) all I need to do is lower it down an inch or two and tighten the drawstrings on my pants.
Now, I do have to warn you, that it did take me about a week or two to get used to how it felt in the different positions. And, you'll need to train pulling your weapon out of your holster, because it won't be what you're used to. Plus, the included retention strap to help keep your firearm secure might throw you off a bit.
As a bit of a side note, I do recommend using the strap because my gun sits loosely without it. You do have the choice to not use it, however, because it, too, is attached via Velcro.
brave response holster

I believe that this holster is totally worth the $70 you are going to pay for it.

As with all things, though, there are some minor details that I'd like to see upgraded on any future designs of this holster. First, while the breathable fabric is great for obvious reasons, I feel as though the holster itself needs to be reinforced with something more sturdy—at least in the trigger guard area. It's just seems a bit too flimsy, like if something is pushed onto the trigger area you could have an accidental discharge. Not likely, but it could happen.

brave response holster

Up a bit higher

I'd also like to see the Velcro be a tad smaller than the waistband so that it doesn't dig into my skin when I'm wearing it. Though, it can be trimmed with a pair of scissors. Just make sure that you don't accidentally cut the fabric of the Brave Response Holster itself, or you could have a problem on your hands.
And now for a bit of a mixed response about one of the features…
Having the ability to carry extra magazines is always a positive. This holster gives me the built-in ability to carry a grand total of 65 rounds of ammo (three 16 round mags in the holster, one in the mag well and one round in the chamber). With the inevitable zombie apocalypse, that's a good start.
However, the mag pouches are on the wrong side, meaning that when I want to swap them out, I have to drop the magazine, switch hands, pull the fresh one out, and pop it in just before I go back to my strong hand. Another potential downside to this concealed carry holster, is that one of the mag pouches is right under the grip, which could get in the way of a fast draw.
Brave Response holster
But, then again, you could store something else in there that won't get in the way. Like a small flashlight, or something else.
Still, having 65 rounds of 9mm at hand is appealing, especially when you don't have to wear anything else on your belt proving to the world that it's even there.
Finally, the ability to have just one holster for a plethora of different guns is a huge bonus. The fact that I received a Baby Desert Eagle 3 in for review from Magnum Research and already had a holster for it is huge for me. Especially since that is a big gun, and there aren't a whole lot of holsters for them just yet.
brave response holster

The backside

And, because there isn't any specific shape to the holster itself, like a kydex one, it is almost universal. I say “almost” because there are a few smaller pistols which would probably not work, neither would some with certain types of lasers.
The Brave Response Holster deals a death blow to the argument against carrying a full size service pistol. There is no longer a need to have to carry a sub-compact EDC self-defense weapon when you can deeply conceal just about any pistol in your washable waistband holster. It's perfect for the gym, or every day carry.
Does it get the Gun Carrier stamp of approval? You bet it does! Want to learn more about this holster? Check out the Brave Response Holster in the previous link for more detailed info from the manufacturer. 

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My New Concealed Carry Holster is Better Than Yours

  1. Joshua Gillem says:

    Yes, I wear my weapon at the gym. Why not? This is a lifestyle for me, so it makes sense. No, I don’t feel the need to carry 65 rounds, I believe that was sarcasm, but I cannot remember the state of mind I was in at the time. No, I do not live in Chicago, nor do I really ever go out on Saturday nights. I live in rural Pennsylvania but crime can happen anywhere. Remember, this is a lifestyle choice for me. I always review products and try to find at least one bad thing to say about them. Very rarely do I give a product an outstanding review. In fact, I just went back through and re-read what I wrote, and said multiple things that were wrong with this holster. Finally, it’s your choice to not trust a source. Thank you for commenting.

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