National Guard Deployment 2020: What Does This Means For Us?

national guard deployment 2020

As the news cycles churn on with news of the National Guard Deployment 2020, and you may even see National Guard troops in your hometown, you’re probably wondering what’s going on.

While this isn’t Martial Law by any means, it is a development in response to the coronavirus’ spread. Let’s dive deep into what’s happening and what you should do.

National Guard Deployment 2020 | What’s Happening?

On Sunday, March 22, Pres. Donald Trump ordered the National Guard to mobilize in several states under Title 32.

In a nutshell, this allowed the National Guard to be deployed in several states with the federal government providing funding and state governors preserving control over those guard units.

As of Tuesday, there are over 9,000 National Guard troops mobilized across the country (from 22 states) in an effort to combat the coronavirus pandemic.

What exactly are these soldiers doing? They have a list of duties and responsibilities, but their broad efforts fall under helping states keep their populations safe and maintaining social order as people flock to grocery stores and try to buy tons of supplies.

They help with:

  • deliver food to various communities with a plurality of infected individuals
  • provide training and equipment for various safety personnel and first responders
  • support local emergency management agencies
  • staff call centers
  • collect and deliver samples of the virus or other tissues
  • assist with cleaning and disinfecting public spaces
  • provide transportation and support to healthcare providers
  • provide support to coronavirus testing facilities
  • serve as response liaisons to support emergency operations centers

Additionally, the state governors can also call upon the National Guard to pressure people to remain indoors and enforce quarantine restrictions.

As the coronavirus spreads quickly to unprotected populations, this is a measure to lower the virus’s ability to infect the entire country.

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Which States Are Affected?

National Guard members are now manning the following territories:

  • New York
  • New Jersey
  • Arkansas
  • California
  • Colorado
  • Florida
  • Illinois
  • Iowa
  • Louisiana
  • Maryland
  • Oregon
  • Pennsylvania
  • Puerto Rico
  • Rhode Island

This is by no means the final count and an expansion of National Guard powers and personnel may come in the near future.

Right now, these National Guard deployments are based on coronavirus outbreak patterns and based on which states are having difficulty getting people to remain indoors.

National Guard Deployment: What Should You Do?

Ultimately, the National Guard being deployed doesn’t necessarily mean things are spiraling out of control. But, it does mean you should be aware of their presence.

For one, it might be best to remain off the streets and out of the way unless you absolutely need to go to the store. This prevents you from being stopped and questioned and will help the National Guard deal with people who are actually interested in breaking the law.

You should also avoid gun stores, as many of them are starting to attract panicked people who may do crazy things. We understand that sometimes you have to pick up supplies for you and your family, but ordering things online not only supports delivery people and allows them to keep their jobs but also keeps you safer in the long run.

Whatever you do, remember to keep an eye on the news and watch the situation as it develops.

All in all, it’s important to remember to keep yourself and your home under your control.

Finally, remember that the National Guard will never ask to take over your home, so anyone claiming otherwise is suspect. Keep your family close and be sure to stock up on supplies when you can, as there’s no telling when the quarantine measures will be lifted.

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National Guard Deployment 2020: What Does This Means For Us?

  1. Cliff says:

    I do not trust the Governors ! I think they will try and use the Guards to remove guns at some point.

    1. James St Arnaud says:

      I agree and I think it will happen sooner than people (some ) think .

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