13 Natural Remedies For Headaches

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Popping an aspirin or pain reliever rather than considering natural remedies for headaches seems to be the only solution that comes to mind for a lot of people. Most scoff at the thought of going through all the work just to come up with a remedy of natural origin.

13 Natural Remedies For Headaches: A Soothing Relief

Taking over-the-counter medication is a quick and less messy headache solution and may be less bothersome for those that experience them on a regular basis. However, whether we admit it or not, these synthetic solutions do have devastating side effects on our body.

Most especially if taken without thought where dependency becomes an issue. For those who do want to take the natural course of getting rid of throbbing pain in their heads, here's a list you might want to consider.

1. Apple Cider Vinegar Steam Treatment

Apple cider vinegar or ACV has been known to relieve a variety of ailments over the course of history. If you're in doubt you can look it up on the web.

Apple Cider Vinegar Steam Treatment | 13 Natural Remedies For Headaches

You'll need 1/4 cup of apple cider vinegar, 3 cups of boiling hot water, 1 glass of refreshing cold water, one large bowl or small basin, and a towel.
How To:

  • Pour the ACV into the bowl or basin
  • Pour in the hot water
  • Drape the towel over your head and lean over the bowl just close enough wherein the steam doesn't burn your face
  • Breath in the steam during this whole process until there's no more steam coming from the mixture
  • Pat your face dry with the towel when you're one
  • Drink the glass of cold water

2. Sip A Hot Cup Of Gingerroot Tea

This herbaceous perennial is known not just as a spice but also a known folk medicine. Ginger is a natural home remedy for headaches. The ingredients are 3 slices of ginger about the size of a quarter and 2 cups of water.

Sip A Hot Cup Of Gingerroot Tea | 13 Natural Remedies For Headaches
How To: 

  • Heat the gingerroot in a pan with 2 cups of water for about 3o minutes
  • Remove the ginger before pouring it into a cup or a mug
  • Sip, breathe in the steam until your headache goes away

3. Sip Chamomile Tea

Sip Chamomile Tea | 13 Natural Remedies For Headaches
Chamomile has slight sedative elements and anti-inflammatory properties that aid in relieving migraines. Allow it to steep in hot water for 10 minutes and you can add honey if you want to make it have a sweet taste.

4. Drink 8 Glasses of Water Every Day

With the different kinds of drinks other than water made available in the market today, we tend to drink less water on a daily basis. Dehydration, or the lack of water in the system can result in a throbbing headache.

Drink 8 Glasses of Water Every Day | 13 Natural Remedies For Headaches

Rehydrate, and make sure you gulp in the required number of glasses of water regularly.

5. Flaxseed

Flaxseed contains high concentrations of omega-3 fatty acids which can aid in reducing inflammation. If inflammation would be the cause of a headache that is.

Flaxseed | 13 Natural Remedies For Headaches

But you'll never know, right? It can be taken in oil or ground form or added directly to your food or smoothie…even in a glass of water.

6. Thyme Or Rosemary Oil

Thyme Or Rosemary Oil | 13 Natural Remedies For Headaches
Place a small amount of rosemary or thyme oil on your forehead and on your temples. Let it sit for a few minutes for it to relieve you of your aching head.

7. Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil | 13 Natural Remedies For Headaches
Aromatherapy is what they call it. Just add a few drops of the lavender essential oil in boiling water, just like what we did with the ACV, and inhale the vapors to get rid of headaches. If you don't like to do that much work, you can apply it topically without having to water it down.

8. Peppermint Oil

Just like lavender oil, the scent provides a relaxing solution to your headache. The menthol content improves the blood of your blood vessels, most especially if they are clogged. There are different ways to do this:

Peppermint Oil | 13 Natural Remedies For Headaches
  • Through aromatherapy in a dark and cool room
  • Steep 1 tsp of dried peppermint leaves in a cup of boiling water for 10 minutes. Strain it before adding honey for added flavor.
  • A solution of 1 Tbsp almond oil or water and 3 drops of peppermint oil. Apply topically on the back of the neck area or on your temples.

9. Massage

Massage | 13 Natural Remedies For Headaches
Having a message on your shoulders, on your back and neck, or on your temples can provide you with temporary relief.  This can be a series of massage sessions on a daily or weekly basis for long-term relief.

10. Hot or Cold Compress

If you have a throbbing pain on your temple area, you can apply a cold compress over the area. Lowering the temperature can ease a bit of the throbbing. The hot compress should be applied to the back of the neck if you're experiencing tightness of your neck muscles.

11. Drink A Cup Of Coffee

Drink A Cup Of Coffee | 13 Natural Remedies For Headaches
Coffee lovers are definitely gonna love this! Caffeine in your coffee is said to reduce the swelling of your blood vessels. This in turn will reduce the severity of the pain and how often you experience a headache.

12. Soak Your Feet In Hot Water Mixed Mustard Powder

Soak Your Feet In Hot Water Mixed Mustard Powder | 13 Natural Remedies For Headaches
This will redirect blood from your upper body to your feet lowering the pressure in the blood vessels on your head. Soak your feet for at least 30 minutes.

 13. Constrict The Blood Vessels

Constrict The Blood Vessels | 13 Natural Remedies For Headaches
Tie a scarf or a bandana snuggly, just enough to feel the pressure, around your forehead area down to the base of your skull. You will reduce the blood flow to your head which will provide relief if your vessels are swollen.
Top 10 Home Remedies gives us her Top 3 home remedies for headaches:

Sometimes, the pill or medicine bottle is the quickest way get rid of that splitting pain on your head, however, many can say that taking the natural route is the best way to go. You get to enjoy a lot more benefits and make less havoc on other parts of your body or system compared to the synthetic process. So take your time, relax and do it the natural way.
Do you have any natural remedies for headaches that are not included in the list? Please add them in the comments below!

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13 Natural Remedies For Headaches

  1. Elena says:

    I have been using Vick’s I apply a small amount to my fingertip and rub a little in each ear it helps my sinus headaches.

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