Why We All Need To Stop Using The Term Assault Weapon

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Stop using the term assault weapon.
If ever there was a term being misused by the media and our nation's politicians, it is the term “assault weapon” or, “assault rifle.” Those of us who know better recognize this as a stupid phrase that is designed to do one thing, and one thing alone: Incite fear into people based on the way something looks. In all reality, the terminology being used is inaccurate and totally asinine.
New gun owners who don't know any better hear the term, and sometimes call it that, too.
To be honest, an AR-15 is really no more deadly than a similar firearm without the accessories giving it that prejudice label. Things like the style of butt-stock, flash suppressor, pistol grip and others—make people fear these rifles more than they do wooden ones without a pistol grip. While these firearms look dangerous, I'd wager to say that most of our parents raised us to not judge a book (or in this case, rifle) by its cover.
And yet, that's what people do every day of the week—as they look at the AR style rifle in disgust saying things like: What do they need a gun like that for? It's a killing machine! It's (gasp!) an “assault weapon!”

Guns are used to kill things. There, I said it. Then again, if that wasn't true, what would the point of us carrying one for self-defense be? But, let me be 100% clear, here: Criminals and terrorists use guns to hurt innocent people on purpose, while the normal public generally tend to think of a gun as a tool for self-defense.
An AR-15, on the other hand, can be used in home-defense or for sporting purposes. While it is true that not all states allow semi-automatic rifles for hunting, plenty of them do. Also, let me quickly note that “AR” doesn't stand for “assault rifle.” Instead, it stands for Armalite—the company who first designed this style rifle.

While on the topic of “semi-automatic,” let's break that down even further just so we can see exactly what it means. A semi-auto rifle, handgun, or shotgun is any firearm that fires one round at a time, each time the trigger is pressed. In other words, it means bang, bang, bang.
On the other side of the spectrum, are full-auto machine guns. These send lots of rounds of ammunition downrange with each pull of the trigger. This sounds like: bangbangbangbangbang. Get the point?
The media, and most liberal politicians, will have you believe that semi-auto guns aren't what they are factually said to be. They want you to believe that they are, instead, fully automatic machine guns. This is just false.
In fact, a vast majority of people will never even have the opportunity to shoot a full-auto gun, simply because they are so very expensive to purchase. The average citizen just cannot afford the several thousands of dollars one costs, plus the increased cost of ammo due to an accelerated rate of fire.
You see, back in the mid 1980s, machine guns were banned (sort of). What I mean, is that any fully automatic guns built up until this time are okay for civilians to own—but any built after that date would be illegal.
What happens to something when no more are being built? The price skyrockets.

So, since a semi-automatic firearm doesn't spray bullets everywhere, they are no more dangerous than any other type of firearm is. Plus, when you finally figure out that they don't shoot some sort of magical, armor piercing bullet, you begin to realize that they are being judged based solely on how they look.
The term “assault” given to any type of firearm is simply false. An assault is a type of an attack. These weapons, while dangerous in the wrong hands, do not attack people. They can't. They are inert objects capable of nothing on their own. It is time that we stop calling them by that name, and instead, call them for what they are: AR-15. AK-47. Rifle. ETC.
How about you? Do you ever find that there is a legitimate reason to use the term “assault weapon?” If so, let us know in the comments below. When you're done there, make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel.

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