San Jose OKs New Gun Laws That Requires Liability Insurance

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January 27, 2022 / Comments (0)

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San Jose, California will enforce new gun laws requiring most owners to pay a fee and carry liability insurance. Proponents of the law said this new gun law aims to reduce the costs of gun harm incidents.

In fact, it will relieve California taxpayers of shouldering the cost of gun violence.

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San Jose, California Approves Two New Gun Laws

New Gun Control Laws Ahead yellow road sign | San Jose, California Approves Two New Gun Laws

Last Tuesday night, San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo said that the city council approved the new gun laws. Despite opposition from gun owners, the measures passed and will be ready for implementation this August.

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The Silicon Valley city council split the vote into two. The first one approved the bulk of the proposal, including the insurance provisions. The second one approved the fee provisions. The insurance vote passed 10-1, while the fees vote passed 8-3.

Meanwhile, opponents of the new gun laws promised that they will see the San Jose local government. They said that both new gun laws infringe on their Second Amendment rights.

However, the lawsuits will have to wait until next month. The ordinances will need approval at a final reading schedule for next month.  

New Gun Laws Designed To Reduce Gun Harm

Liccardo said that funds collected from the new fees will go into initiatives to reduce gun violence and gun harm. Observers say that the fee will total $25, according to Bay City News.

Meanwhile, liability insurance can encourage gun owners in San Jose to take safety measures. This includes purchasing gun safes, installing trigger locks, and taking gun safety seminars. 

Gun owners who do not wish to apply for insurance will not get their guns taken from them. Nor will they receive criminal charges. 

The mayor thanked his council for enacting the measures. He thanked his council colleagues for “their commitment to reducing gun violence and its devastation in our community,” he said. Ha also added that the new gun laws will help create a “constitutionally-compliant path” to offset suffering from gun harm.

Liccardo Hopes Other Cities Will Follow San Jose

In addition, Liccardo hoped other cities would follow San Jose’s initiatives. He first proposed the measure last July 2021. This was two weeks after a gunman shot nine co-workers before killing himself. The news made national headlines. 

However, not everybody celebrated the gun laws’ passage. Sam Paredes, executive director of Gun Owners of California, said before the vote that they will sue Liccardo/ He condemned it as “totally unconstitutional in any configuration,” according to new reports.

Meanwhile, Liccardo said lawyers had already volunteered to defend the city pro bono if legal action is taken.

Watch the 23 ABC News video reporting that San Jose approves liability insurance law for gun owners:

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