New Offerings From Henry, 2019

The Long Ranger Wildlife Edition

The winter months are always my favorite time but not likely for reasons you'd expect. While gun companies tend to release firearms all throughout the year, they generally make it known what is coming up for the year in the cold of winter.

Maybe it's to give us something to look forward to when the warm weather hits. I'm not sure. But, Henry Repeating Arms is at it again with several new models coming down the line for 2019.

Stand for the Flag Edition

Stand for the Flag Edition via HenryUSA

A full-color painted image of respect; standing hand-on-heart, for the flag of the United States Of America, and the opening lines of our national anthem, “O Say Can You See”, on the right rear of the walnut stock.

A vivid red, white, and blue American flag is waving on both sides of the receiver cover. The Cerakote finish is not a paint or a decal so it will always look just as good as when you pulled it out of the box.


Cody Stampede Centennial rifle from Henry Repeating Arms

Cody Stampede Centennial rifle from Henry Repeating Arms via HenryUSA

Next year will mark the 100th anniversary of the Cody Stampede Rodeo, one of America’s longest running successful professional rodeos, and Henry Repeating Arms is tipping their hat to the centennial celebration with an exclusive 100th Anniversary Cody Stampede Rodeo lever action rifle in the iconic caliber of .45 Colt.

The rifles are available for sale to the public and all proceeds are applied to the celebration and preservation of the history of Cody, Wyoming as the “Rodeo Capital of the World.”

American Rodeo Tribute Edition

American Rodeo Tribute Edition via HenryUSA

The right side of the receiver cover displays a cowboy on horseback in the midst of roping a calf embellished in 24K gold plating. The left side of the receiver cover shows a cowboy wrestling a steer to the ground surrounded by a leafy-vine scroll pattern and a rope trim. The American walnut buttstock of the rifle portrays one of the most popular rodeo events, a bucking bull, engraved and hand-painted in incredible detail. The front stock of the rifle is engraved with the words, “COWBOY UP.” The American Rodeo Tribute Edition rifle from Henry Repeating Arms features is built on their award-winning Golden Boy platform and features imagery of popular rodeo events.

God Bless America Edition

God Bless America Edition via HenryUSA

Against a background of floral scrollwork, the right side displays a 24K gold banner containing the words “Home of the Free Because of the Brave”, and the American flag with stars and stripes rippling strongly in the breeze just ahead of it, also in gold accents. On the stock’s right side is a three-color painting of the Statue of Liberty’s Torch. The fore-end features the words “God Bless America” engraved and painted in two colors.


The Long Ranger Wildlife Edition

The Long Ranger Wildlife Edition via HenryUSA

Each of the three new Wildlife Long Ranger editions uses the basic package of 7lb weight, 20” round barrel, checkered walnut, straight wrist, folding adjustable rear sight and .062” ivory bead front, transfer bar safety, solid rubber recoil pad, sling swivels, and detachable steel magazine, and adds a high-polish nickel plating to the drilled & tapped lightweight alloy receiver, under scroll engraving that frames 24K gold-inlaid depictions of each animal, on both receiver flats.

The Long Ranger Wildlife Coyote comes in .223 Remington/.556 NATO, with a single coyote head on the left flat and a pair of full-figured coyotes on the right. The Wildlife Antelope in .243 Winchester shows a single antelope head against a background of rolling hills on the left, and a full-figured pair on the prairie on the right. The Wildlife Elk in .308 Winchester depicts a majestic bull elk in a mountain setting on its left, and a grazing pair on its right flat.

Long Ranger Wildlife Coyote .223 Remington/.556 NATO

Long Ranger Wildlife Antelope in .243 Winchester

Long Ranger Wildlife Elk .308 Winchester

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