New Order Firearms: NO9 Polymer Framed Pistol

SHOT Show 2016 New Order Firearms

January 28, 2016 / Comments (1)

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SHOT Show 2016 New Order Firearms

New Order Firearms NO9 at SHOT Show

New Order Firearms (Formerly known as Night Owl) made it to SHOT Show 2016 with their NO9.

I had the chance to run a few rounds through it, and though it is too early to say for sure, it seems like a solidly built handgun. The trigger was smooth and the firearm didn't provide a lot of felt recoil.
Then again, I was only given a few rounds of ammo.
Though they have been in business for over 35 years machining parts for the military, this is their first attempt at a complete firearm for sale to the general public. New Order wasn't always known by that name, however. The last time I saw them (which was at the Great American Outdoor Show last February) they were known as Night Owl Firearms.
Sadly, that name was already taken and a long, drawn out battle over the company name ensued which delayed the release of the compact and sub-compact weapons. Perhaps even more tumultuous, is the fact that, generally speaking, people don't seem to like the new name.
But, it isn't fair to judge a company based on what your thoughts are about their name. As far as I can tell, they are a gun manufacturer based out of PA, and don't have any plans to institute a “new world order.”
That's ridiculous.
Anyway, the president of New Order Firearms, Daniel, said he'd send me a T&E gun to write up a review on. Because, let's face it, three rounds of ammo is way under the amount that I need to run through a gun to give it an honest review.
And, based on what I know about the company, I'm really looking forward to getting one into my hands. I need to put several hundred rounds down range to really get a feel for it. It seems like they make high-quality parts, and the gun did feel good in my hand. Besides, they claim that 100% of the handgun is manufactured in Pennsylvania, USA. I can really get behind that. Can't you?
What do you think about their name? Does it bother you? Or, are you like me with the attitude of: “who cares just as long as they make a good product?” Leave your comments below.
Here is a video of me shooting the NO9 at Industry Day at the Range. Pardon the sound quality, this was the first video we shot, and we had some bugs that were worked out. Oh, and if you haven't subscribed to Gun Carrier's YouTube Channel, make sure you do. We've got some awesome videos coming your way in the near future tat you won't want to miss.

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