Improvised Weapons: So Easy A Caveman Can Do It

December 27, 2012 If you are ever faced with an imminent or active life threatening attack you can significantly increase your chances of survival by creating an improvised weapon out of everyday items that...

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Ringing In The New Year… Safely!

December 27, 2012 New Year’s is a time of celebration! It is a time to let loose, reflect on the past year, and plan for the coming one. Want to know the best way to start the New Year off? Get home...

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Check Out My New Toy: The ATAX

December 27, 2012 It took almost 2 months to get to me.. but check out my new toy: The ATAX is a blade designed by the late Ron Hood, to be the ultimate outdoor companion and talk about a conversation piece!...

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How To Arrive Safely: Winter Driving

December 24, 2012 AAA  is predicting that 93.3 million Americans will hit the road over the next few days. That’s 1.6 percent more than last year and just 400,000 people shy of the 2006 record. AAA is...

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DIY Lotions

December 24, 2012 Survivalists often fall into the trap and stereotype of being so rugged that they view rough, calloused hands as a trademark of preparedness and forget that their skin is the first line of...

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Do You Blame The Bullet?

December 20, 2012 I am sickened and I am saddened. I want to first and foremost say that my heart goes out to the victims of the shooting in Connecticut. The actions of Adam Lanza were despicable. There is...

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EMP: Going Out With A Bang

December 20, 2012 I first heard about the EMP threat (electromagnetic pulse caused by a nuclear detonation) in 1980 while working at a company that manufactured Geiger counters. This was disturbing...

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Home Invasion: Christmas Capers

December 17, 2012 The holidays are here and that means quite a few things.  Cold weather, gifts, lots of food and time with loved ones. Unfortunately it also means a huge spike in home invasion. Thieves...

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Peanut Butter: My Secret Addiction

December 17, 2012 I have a confession to make… I have an addiction…to peanut butter. I like anything with peanut butter in it or on it. I don’t know what it is about the stuff but I can’t get...

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Sew What?!

December 13, 2012 When we think about prepping, preparedness and living a more self sufficient life, we usually start out with food storage, long term, short term and everything in between. Then we may move...

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