The NRA Agrees With Bernie, And Why Hillary Is A Bad Idea

In an odd turn of events, the NRA has agreed with something that the “democratic socialist” known as Bernie Sanders has said about guns. Historically, the bern has boasted a solid D- (and even an “F” for a few years) from the gun lobby. But, he is obviously a much better candidate (at least when talking about guns) than his rival is, who hates guns and the 2nd Amendment more than most people do.
[instagram url= hidecaption=true width=625]The NRA's Twitter account said this about Bernie's answer to whether or not gun manufacturers should be held responsible when sickos hurt the innocent with guns: “Sen. Sanders was spot-on in his comments about gun manufacturer liability/PLCAA.”
In other words, Bernie doesn't think that gun manufacturers, like Bushmaster, who made the gun used in Sandy Hook, should be sued.
Surprising, to say the least. And, we all know where Hillary stands on guns. She hates them, doesn't want people like you and I to have them, and is likely willing to lie, cheat and steal to get them out of our hands. In fact, in response to the same question, she went on to say that the gun industry is the only one “immune” from being sued whenever a psycho goes on a killing spree with such a weapon.
Strange, I don't recall ever hearing about a car manufacturer being sued whenever a drunk driver kills someone. Or, when a nut-job uses his/her car as a weapon to take people out (sort of like what happened in Las Vegas a few months ago).
(As a side note, that lady has been charged with murder through the use of a deadly weapon—which was her car. Interestingly enough, I don't even know what kind of car it was. But, if it was a gun, we'd all know that it was manufactured by Remington, or Colt, or Kahr, or Smith & Wesson, or any of the other hundreds of gun manufacturers. Catch my drift?)
What's my point? I guess my point is that, as usual, people are hypocritical when it comes to pushing their own agenda. And, that gun manufacturers aren't the only ones who don't get sued when people die. Finally, I guess, when talking about immunity, how about we hold politicians accountable to the same degree that the average American citizen is held? I mean, if I had let all of those Americans die in Benghazi, I'd be strung up for it…
…anyway, I digress.
It's time to change America back to what it was before. Will we ever be able to get The Land of the Free back to the former glory that our Founding Fathers had in mind? Doubtful. But, if we elect the wrong candidate, we can all but kiss the freedoms that they had in mind when our founding documents were signed so many years ago, goodbye.
I hate politics, but if all of us gun and freedom loving Americans don't make it out to the polls, the next president could make Barack Obama (who is undoubtedly the worst president our fine nation has ever had) look like a saint. My fellow Americans, we cannot let Hillary become the next president of the United States of America. We are not endorsing any one candidate here on Gun Carrier, because any of them would be better than her. I know who I'm voting for, and I hope you do, too.
So, I urge you: Please vote. Vote for anyone other than Hillary. The future of our nation depends upon it. Have you liked the Gun Carrier Facebook page,yet? 

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