Obama Doesn't Trust Women With Firearms

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January 12, 2016 / Comments (3)

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Mr. Obama seems to think only an elite few are capable of using their firearms in self-defense. This is evidenced by his comments to a question one of the ladies had asked at the Town Hall event he hosted about guns. As usual, Obama's unfounded opinion is falsely pressed as fact—and who can argue with someone who believes, to a fault, that he's always right? Sadly, it seems as though he feels that women with firearms can't defend themselves because they may shoot the wrong person.
The woman who asked this question, Kimberly, was a victim of rape. Now, she has firearms to protect herself and children to ensure that something like that never happens again.
Good for her.
And yet, the president of our country speaks to her as if only certain people can use a gun in self-defense, because it requires so much training that no civilian will ever be able to master it. Check it out, below:
Well, I've got news for ya, sir. The average armed civilian trains more often than the average police officer does. Granted, certain geographic locations will yield different results. And, of course, different types of police officers will train at differing intervals (like a Sheriff VS a state Trooper, for example).
However, if we were to average all of the citizens and cops across the country, what we'd likely find is that law-abiding citizens train more often with their firearms than cops do. There are a few different reasons for this. The most obvious reason being…
A lot of cops don't like guns, and only have the desire to train with them when they have to qualify. Some departments only require their police officers to go to the range once per year. When you think about the many lives who depend upon the protection of the police, that's alarming.
Anyway, let's get back to the main point of what I'm trying to say: Obama basically told her that even a rape victim shouldn't have a gun, because she may shoot herself with it instead of the bad guy. Or, she might shoot her child with it, instead of the bad guy.
Of course, this brings to mind a story about a new mother who successfully defended herself against two attackers in her own home. Her baby wasn't harmed. And the only time she was shot, was by the bad guys who would've left her for dead, if she didn't have a gun for protection.
So, if that story teaches us anything, it's that women can defend themselves against rape and other crimes. Men can, too. But, if the laws change and it suddenly gets harder for people to buy guns, they can't defend themselves. Because, let's face it…
…Bad guys will always be able to attack people. And, chances are good that even after our economy boosting gun makers are forced to close their doors, bad guys will still have guns.
There were several other issues and false claims that came from his mouth that night, but this one screams at me. He really doesn't think a woman can use a gun in self-defense. He clearly doesn't think she's capable of defending herself. And yet, there's a war on women, somewhere, being used as a political battle.
What do you think? Can women use a firearm in self-defense? Let us know in the comments below.

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Obama Doesn't Trust Women With Firearms

  1. John Bridwell says:

    Well, I qualified expert on the pistols and every rifle they handed me in the service. Several years later, my wife decided she wanted to go to work for the Department of Corrections in Florida. In Florida Corrections Officers are in a strange status between full law enforcement and not (or they used to be, I don’t know the current situation). In any case they must qualify on the S&W Model 10 and the Remington 570 to graduate the academy and then again every year. My wife had been around guns but never really used them, not a good shot. I spent one day teaching her the differences in how to shoot both weapons the next day she shot 48 out of 48 with the pistol and center mass all 10 rounds with the shotgun. I would trust her on my 6, or alone with her legal carry anytime. She has the demeanor as well as the skills, not a hothead, but not a dummy either.

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