Off-Grid Tactical Pen Review | Everything You Need To Know

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Off-Grid Tactical Pen Review: I get to travel a lot teaching the NTC Method around the world. Being that my focus is always on being prepared, I get really stressed-out when I travel to foreign countries where my standard EDC (ever day carry) is banned. I do what I can to plan ahead but the limits are still there. I take a travel go-bag with me everywhere I go but the items are minimalist in nature as you can imagine. Just getting through TSA at the airport, un-harassed, gives me a feeling of accomplishment on long international trips with multiple security checkpoints – I know.. It’s pathetic but none-the-less, True.

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Off-Grid Tactical Pen Review

One of the items that I carry with me is a tactical pen. I never get harassed at the airports nor by law enforcement, in any country, when I carry my tactical pen. It’s light and easily concealed in my pocket, mimicking my EDC knife position. It is something that I can go to in order to defend myself when no other option is available.

I recently received a couple of Off-Grid Tactical Pen’s to review. Keep in mind that a tactical pen is a personal item. Features that benefit me and my lifestyle may not be as valuable to you. It is about finding what fits your needs, training, local laws & even your body-type. Many times, like in my case, there are different tactical pens for various applications. For example, the tactical pen that I have in my carry-on bag at the airport will slightly differ from the one I carry in my go-bag.

Off-Grid Tactical Pen Review | Everything You Need To Know

These Off-Grid pens definitely looked like tactical pens. If you are trying to be discreet, then this may not be the choice for you. But if you want a pen with a bit of extra substance that feels more substantial in the hand, then take a close look at this Off-Grid Tactical Pen.


  • Solid 6061-T6 Aircraft-Grade Aluminum
  • Tunsten Alloy Glass Breaker
  • Stainless Steel Clip
  • Anti-Slip Ergonomics
  • Reversible Cap
  • Every day writing tool
  • Travel companion

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Off-Grid Tactical Pen Review | Everything You Need To Know

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Off-Grid Tactical Pen Review | Everything You Need To Know

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