WEIRD NEWS: Oklahoma Deputy Trapped by Swarm of Bees

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March 30, 2023 / Comments (2)


Today's Weird News

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A semi-truck carrying honeybees overturned on an Oklahoma interstate Tuesday — trapping a sheriff's deputy as thousands of angry, swarming bees blanketed his cruiser.

Miraculously, the state Highway Patrol said, the deputy was stung only once and escaped otherwise unhurt — but not before he recorded terrifying video of the blanket of bees engulfing the vehicle.

Garvin County Deputy Carl Zink was responding to a report of an overturned truck shortly after 1 p.m. (2 p.m. ET) on Interstate 35 near Pauls Valley, about 50 miles south of Oklahoma City, when the bees swarmed his cruiser, the state patrol said.

Unable to leave the vehicle, Zink took out his phone and began recording what was happening.

Click here for the full article and video.

This weird news reminds us that even if bees provide many benefits to human beings, they can also become dangerous. There is no need to be reminded how fatal multiple bee stings can be to man. However, you also need to be observant when you notice several bees coming into your home. This is a sign that your house could be infested, which is one of the main reasons bees attack humans.

A swarm of bees can be very aggressive but not in the way we folks perceive it. They simply think that their nest or colony is under threat. So what would you do when you see a swarm heading your way?

Of course, you should run away. Resist the temptation to stand down and swat them one by one, as they will call for backup, and you do not want that. Instead, look for shelter, like a building or a car, and then shut them out. If you cannot find shelter, then there is no choice but to continue running until they give up.

If they catch up and sting you, then try to call 911 or get to the hospital ASAP. While waiting, you can try to remove the stingers from your skin.

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