One Handed Shooting Tips

Learn the key training techniques for one-handed shooting

Newbies might not understand the importance of practicing one handed shooting tips. Old Clint Eastwood movies aside, a lot of people think quick-draws and one-handed firearm combat is a rarity. The truth is, the chances are a lot higher than most people think. If you look at the statistics in the history of gun fighting, one-handed shooting is a lot more common than two-handed. After all, most armed confrontations are messy and mobile, with combatants locked in a frantic exchange, so it's the guy with the steadiest hand who almost always wins.

Dave Spaulding of Ruger's Tactical Tips is an expert on one-handed pistol use. And he has a simple question: If you can shoot straight and secure with two hands, then why not with one? Dave's response: “You can!” It all comes down to properly holding the gun and locking it in place. That may sound fairly simple, and in reality, it kind of is in theory. But like any worthwhile skill, it requires a lot of repetition to master. There is a reason every major shooting competition includes frequent drills that require competitors to shoot with only one hand. The pros tell us it is often NOT with their dominant hand either, so even if you are right-handed, you may discover more effective shooting with your left hand in charge.

Two Ways to Hold Your Pistol

1. The Finger Point – The first way to hold your pistol with one arm is to jut your hand out, just like you are pointing your finger. This is the most natural way to hold your gun. Like when you are pointing at a target with your finger, the gun has a bit of a tilt to it and the sights are aligned perfectly with the eyes.

One handed shooting tips: The finger poiint

Dave shows us one handed shooting tips!

2. Vertical – The second approach is to point the gun out in the finger point position, and then rotate your elbow in towards your body so that it points directly to the ground. Then point your thumb and lock your wrist. Put good body English into it and lock the arm that way.

The vertical position with one handed shooting tips

One handed shooting tips: Learn the vertical position

With practice, both techniques will achieve the same result – accurate and comfortable one-arm shooting! Check out the full video below on one-handed shooting practice. You'll be glad you did, especially if you ever find yourself in that split-second moment when one hand is all you have. Guys….we've all been there.

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