One Man’s Heaven Is Another Man’s Hell…(Pt.1)

One Man's Heaven Is Another Mans Hell

Embarking on a journey through the tumultuous landscapes of Sierra Leone, West Africa, this narrative unveils a gripping tale of survival that transcends the boundaries of conventional human experiences. As a seasoned soldier and contractor with nearly three decades of service, the author recounts an incident that defies imagination, unfolding in the midst of a rebel onslaught.

This story not only delves into the intricacies of unconventional warfare but also explores the profound impact of decision-making under immense pressure.

One Man's Heaven Is Another Mans Hell

The Unfolding Chaos

The narrative commences with a visceral scene, a fistfight with an African Sergeant amidst the chaos of rebel overruns. The vivid imagery sets the stage for a series of events that challenge the very essence of survival. It is in these moments, amid the shadows of death and the struggle for dominance over lifeless bodies, that the true nature of survival emerges.

Survival Beyond Manuals

Throughout nearly 30 years of military and contracting service, the author reflects on the absence of manuals that could prepare one for the absurd realities of unconventional warfare. Survival, as it unfolds, becomes a test of quick thinking, creativity, and adaptability under the weight of life-and-death decisions.

The complexities of dynamic situations demand not just strategic acumen but also a willingness to improvise with innovative solutions in real-time.

The Burden of Leadership

The narrative adds another layer to the survival challenge as the protagonist is not merely a participant but a leader entrusted with the lives of his men and the diplomatic representation of his country. The weight of decisions is magnified by the awareness that each choice could reverberate across international relations.

The author subtly introduces the element of pressure, making it clear that survival is not only an individual endeavor but a collective responsibility.

Sierra Leone Mission: A Diplomatic Dilemma

The unfolding mission in Sierra Leone is revealed, presenting a complex scenario that defies simplicity on paper. The objective: assist the Sierra Leone government in thwarting an overthrow. The absence of a substantial U.S. military presence, in light of the British historical connection, prompts a diplomatic approach.

A small company of Special Forces Operators, using Russian aircraft to maintain a low U.S. footprint, becomes the frontline defense against rebel forces.

Diamonds and Diplomacy

The story takes an intriguing turn as the President of Liberia lays claim to Sierra Leone, driven by the lure of diamond-rich territories. The unconventional strategy involves fueling internal strife by financially backing tribes in exchange for waging war against rival tribes.

The protagonist, serving as the Country Manager, faces the delicate task of providing military advice and support without losing men, or aircraft, or succumbing to the temptation of diamonds.

The Power of Reputation

The narrative unveils the significance of the protagonist's reputation, earned through prior experiences in Colombia and Haiti. The decision to consistently decline offers of diamonds not only potentially saved the author's life but also conferred a unique status.

The moniker “Mr. Hawke” became synonymous with an honest man, immune to bribery, earning the respect that, perhaps, became a shield in the tumultuous landscape.

WARNING: Graphic Violence Ahead

The narrative issues a stark warning before delving into a brutal account of rebel tactics. The grim realities of violence in Sierra Leone are laid bare, painting a horrifying picture of the rebels' methods to break spirits and forge a new, twisted sense of family among the survivors.

Survival Amidst Horrors

The portrayal of violence serves as a grim backdrop for the survival story, emphasizing the psychological toll of navigating a war-torn landscape. The author hints at the constant threat posed by the Liberian President's bounty on their aircraft and heads, amplifying the daily pressures of executing missions amid deadly crossfires and rescuing the wounded.


The first part of “One Man's Heaven Is Another Man's Hell” sets the stage for a harrowing journey through unconventional warfare. The complexities of leadership, diplomatic intricacies, and the raw brutality of conflict create a tapestry where survival transcends individual experiences. As the narrative unfolds, readers are invited to witness the author's resilience in the face of chaos, providing a rare glimpse into the uncharted territories of human survival.

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7 Responses to :
One Man’s Heaven Is Another Man’s Hell…(Pt.1)

  1. tfj says:

    Whoa…..What a beginning! Can hardly wait to read the rest. You certainly got my attention with this start.

  2. Victor Barney says:

    So true! In fact, “we the people’s WOMEN ALONE” put over us the only leader over Anglo-Saxons ever predicted in scripture! Deuteronomy 17:15 calls him the “forbidden foreigner”(ONLY “non-Anglo-Saxon” ever to rule over Anglo-Saxons since getting us thrown out of “Eden” for the same reason)! However, there is another reason and it’s for our judgment! Just like when in Egyptian captivity, we again are being lead by gentiles both in government & justice and Egyptian captivity was like 4,000 years ago! Ouch! Oh, did I mention also Revelation 11’s RIGHT SELF-PROFESSED “ANTI-CHRIST”(MARXIST) for our judgment too, because our government completely now is run by ONLY the gentiles, just like when in Egypt. Was it guilt about the 30,000,000 abortions a year ladies? No, I doubt that, but I just wondering? WATCH…

    1. Adam says:

      This is a very harrowing but important story. Please find another forum for your religious rants.

  3. Sargint Rock says:

    Mykel is the real deal! De Oppresso Liber! Take two salt tablets and drive on!!

  4. Mark says:

    Kinda hard to believe the United States put the country of Liberia on the map, literally. It was based on the principals of freedom and equality when the first freed slaves went there.
    Gotta wonder, despite the horror stories that abound in history, if imperialism was so wrong. At least we (US, Britan, Belgium, France, etc.) gave a major chunk of the African continent some stability. Was history any worse than what is happening now?

  5. Mike Lawson says:

    People think “honesty’s always the best policy” is just another old canard but Mykel proves, someday it could save your life!

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