Open Letter To President Elect Trump


November 9, 2016 / Comments (2)

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Dear President Elect Trump,

I wanted to take a moment to congratulate you on your victory. You have done what nobody thought to be possible, and America is still absorbing your win as the shock and awe subsides. This is great news for those of us who cherish the United States Constitution and what is contained within.
Our gun rights and right to free speech are safe for another presidential term, and you've allowed us to rest easily. Thank you for that.

Now the real work begins. I believe you have a more solid understanding of what needs to be done than I do, however I offer you this advice: Don't screw us.
We are looking to you to be our next Reagan. We are looking for you to unite us as a country. We are looking to you to fix the damage that's been done to our beloved country. This means going into the slums and ghettos you spoke of and actually doing something to fix what goes on there.
I beg you, Mr. Trump, please do something or you'll screw us over for many years to come.

Many of my black and Latino friends say, even today after your victory, that nobody has ever done anything for them. Again, please don't be that president. Please do something in these communities. Do something for these hardened, struggling people. If you don't, you'll screw conservatives and the republican party for many years to come as their distrust towards us will be strengthened.
Also, make sure you do everything else you said you'll do to include erasing all of Obama's pen-happy executive orders. Build the wall. Get rid of the Affordable Care Act. Strengthen the military. Help our veterans. Etc.
While we're at it, I'd personally like to see a 50 state, concealed carry reciprocity law come out of your presidency. After all, republicans have retained control of the House and Senate, so things like this should be easier now than ever before.
Personally speaking, I live a bit too close to New Jersey and need to pull my car apart to check for anything that may incriminate me if stopped by a trooper. Why should I have to worry about what's in my car if not illegal in all 50 states?

If I ever got caught I'd be convicted even though I'm not in violation of any national law. Please remember that the 2nd Amendment Trumps (see what I did there?) state laws.
Well, it should. But it doesn't.
Again, Mr. Trump, congrats on winning the election. Now your work begins to rebuild America. Please do what you said you would, and do it well. Show those Americans on the left that you stand for all of us across the country, and that you only have their best interests at heart, as well. All eyes are on you.

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Open Letter To President Elect Trump

  1. Mark says:

    Hey Mr. Trump,
    Way to go — Thanks for NEVER BEING A QUITTER & proving once & for all to Washington & the world, The American People are fed up & want to make America Great Again.
    Don’t change a thing! Stay strong for America!
    May God Bless you & God Bless America

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