In My Opinion: Santa Fe High School Needs Guns And Less Cameras

I sit here praying that these words will help others with their own grief. Like all Americans, our 2nd Amendment right as citizens is in place for us to arm ourselves however we want and protect the lives we care about. We tend to scoff at others that don't fully utilize this right. We can't understand what it is that prevents them from taking full advantage of their right to liberty and protection.

Sometimes evil in the world comes to prey on these unprotected “sheep.” And if they are lucky enough to have us gun carriers around, then we can and will step in and protect them.

Think about that.

We protect the each other. Sadly, no matter what we do for them there isn't enough protection.

Or is there?

We have one-hundred times as many cameras in this country as guns. Americans are able to record crimes, witness interviews and even capture real-time facial recognition with software attached to these cameras.

Do these cameras prevent more crimes? Do these cameras make us feel safer?

Some anti-gun proponents think that a camera is the best weapon for protection. They put them in their homes, on the inside as well as on the front door and also in their cars.

I just don't see it that way.

The main stream media wants to use their cameras as weapons, and they do but often to target the victims and families of victims of tragedies. Recently the media put this Santa Fe resident in their cross-hairs in an attempted to pull the trigger to make open-carry look bizarre.

To their surprise, they got a giant dose of a patriotic American spirit, stead-fast and holding his own American flag and distracting the media from the victims in their time of need.

Immediately he was judged by the media and onlookers alike for standing up and stating, “It's a sad and scary day in America. You know on the good days and bad days, the most important thing is to say praise Jesus. I'm here just to try to offer my support for my community. I've been asked about the gun more than once. [referring to his holstered sidearm] The biggest thing is when an event like this happens, there's 2 kinds of people in this world, those who want to pray with Jesus and make the world a better place, and those who want to prey upon the victims of the situation. I'm going to walk this way. God Bless Ya'll!”

Take a look at this video where the media [NewsFix, an affiliate of CW] forced cameras and microphones, trying to cast a liberal-educated judgment on this American. His own wife works in the same school system as this tragedy and they ask him why he's out there near the school.

Do you agree that this man? Does he seems in-shock or could it be that he has had enough of lying media preying on the victims after these types of horrible tragedies?

Please watch this video and think for yourself… while it's still legal.

In my heart, I feel like we need to act. Make this one count. Make this one the last time we hear that our children are being shot up in school.

I mean it!

Listen up America, I couldn't disagree more with Gun Free Zones. Without our guns to protect us we are left vulnerable and that does not sit well with me.

I'm tired of our families dying while they are continually unprotected.

Here's my solution, put our hard-earned tax dollars to use. Spend our tax money on defending our schools. We combine defense spending and add a layer of protection in our kids' schools.

Veterans, the National Guard, and even certified Gun Instructors could easily bridge this gap and get this solution rolled out immediately.

When is this madness going to stop? Too many times have we left our children in harm's way.

It happened again, and we did nothing. Let's defend our schools in the same way we defend RIGHTS and our COUNTRY.

Protect our children and secure the schools! If the government continues to block our children's right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness then we as a gun carrying society should evoke our 3%er Oath and step up and guard these outdated gun free zones.

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