Camping Made Simple: Camping Hacks

August 24, 2023 Click Here To See The Comments Surviving the family camping trip requires more than food, water, and shelter. In order to return from the wilderness with your sanity intact, not to mention...

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August 24, 2023 / Comments (23)

How To Turn A Spoon Into A Survival Weapon

August 10, 2023 Click Here To See The Comments Those interested in exploring the endless amount of survival weapon bow techniques will probably agree that one of the hardest parts of constructing your own...

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August 10, 2023 / Comments (6)

Do Chemical Water Purification Methods Really Work?

June 3, 2023  Does Chemical Water Purification Work? Click Here To See The Comments Yes, it is able to render polluted water clean. However, while it’s good enough for everyday use (which...

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June 3, 2023 / Comments (2)

Out With The Old: 5 Guns You Should Get Rid Of

March 30, 2023 Click Here To See The Comments Is there such a thing as having too many guns? Believe it or not, there might just be. If you're an avid gun collector like I am, I'm sure you know by...

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March 30, 2023 / Comments (3)

10 Smart Ideas My Redneck Neighbor Taught Me

February 25, 2023 Click Here To See The Comments I found this great story from a Redneck “non-prepper” and thought you guys and gals might get a kick out of this! Lessons from My...

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February 25, 2023 / Comments (124)

Who’s Really Behind Gun Violence?

September 11, 2019 Click Here To See The Comments Lock up guns because–gun violence? Sounds ridiculous, right? But, this is how the anti-2nd Amendment sees it. Let's get down this path and humor them...

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September 11, 2019 / Comments (5)

Is Survival Selfish?

July 3, 2019 Click Here To See The Comments Selfishness, to a lesser or greater extent, has always been (and will continue to be) necessary for survival. But is it really that simple? Or is there a...

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July 3, 2019 / Comments (0)

What Is Urban Survival Syndrome?

December 26, 2018 Click Here To See The Comments Have you ever asked the question: what is urban survival syndrome? Read on to learn more about this relevant and timely issue here! In this article: Big...

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December 26, 2018 / Comments (28)

Secret Reports Exonerate Guns in School Shooter Creation

August 16, 2018 Click Here To See The Comments Bombshell behind-the-scenes information shows why the FBI failed in the Parkland shooting case. Secret DHS and FBI reports reveal the true origin and cause of...

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August 16, 2018 / Comments (0)

EZ-Pour Fuel Jug Spout Product Review

July 6, 2018 Click Here To See The Comments If you've decided to read this post, chances are you own at least one gasoline container with a broken fuel spout. I, too, have a couple of old fuel...

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July 6, 2018 / Comments (19)


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