Oru: The Kayak That You Can Take On A Plane

Oru Kayak feature



Commentary: I'll be excited to see what the price on this ends up being. Imagine a kayak that ways 25 lbs and extends to 12′ long, but it folds up like an origami crane and can be taken on an airplane.

The Origami Kayak

The Oru Kayak folded for carrying.

12 feet length

25 pounds weight

5 minutes assembly

260 pounds capacity


via Oru, The Origami Kayak.

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3 Responses to :
Oru: The Kayak That You Can Take On A Plane

  1. wilma says:

    n the storage Press: I used just plain Borax powder to sit in saucers to get rid of roaches which works very well.

  2. WVBonBonQueen says:

    Price for this Kayak, $850.00 plus up to $75.00 shipping. Delivery should be by June 2013, or so the site says.
    Just wondering how well the folds will hold up, after opening and folding it up, for usage.

    1. Joe says:

      I wonder the same thing, I guess only time will tell!

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